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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

i cheated

so, here's the thing bloggy peeps.  sometimes i have a story in my head that i really really really want to read. and when i try to read other things that aren't the story in my head, bad things happen.  not like end of the world bad things, but i can't concentrate on whatever else i'm reading.  the story that pulls and calls to me is constantly there in my head, over & over & over again.  until i read the story & the details are more fresh in my head.  then i can go along my merry way, usually finishing up whatever else it was i wanted to read in a more timely manner.

that's what happened to me today.  well, for the past several weeks i've been thinking about Acheron.  his story is one in the thousands of books i've read over the years that stuck w/ me.  a lot of Sherri's books/characters are like that.  actually, lately i've been thinking about Jericho & Delphine, too, so after i finish the Dresden book, i think their story will be next.  but i digress.  *laugh*  

the thing about ash's story is that the first half of it is horribly tortured.  i cried for days reading the first half of this book the first time.  i'm sure i even wrote about it, altho it's 1:30 in the morning & i'm not going to look for it to provide a link at the moment.  *laugh*  and so as much as the story was calling to me, i just did NOT want to read all of that torture again.  i remember it.  i know it, i ache with it.  and so i kept putting it off.  reading new stories and rereading some.  making my way around to it, i guess.  and then today, even tho i'd started my borrowed Dresden book yesterday, when i got home i immediately went into the library & grabbed Acheron.  i sat on the couch, opened it somewhere in the middle, and (aside for a couple breaks) read from 5:30 til 1.  didn't turn on hulu or a dvd or even pandora.  just read.  laughed and cried and smiled a lot.  : )  

and now i'm done w/ it (and, you should be impressed, oh yes you should, because the whole book is over 700 pages *grin*) and i shall go to bed & hopefully have happy dreams since - even tho the 2nd half is also fraught with pain, it is the story of hope and love and healing.  and i love that part most of all!  : )  

so, tomorrow i'll go back to harry dresden, and hopefully will be able to enjoy his story more now that i'm not quite so distracted by ash & tory.  *laugh*  (honestly, am i the ONLY reader out there that is like this?  i know i can't possibly be... altho sometimes it seems that i feel more like an author than a reader in the way the characters stay with me... : )  

anyway!  it's still HOT but we're supposed to be getting rain & then tomorrow is supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler... here's hoping - i know my AC could use a little break!!


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