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Sunday, 3 June 2012


that's what i'm hoping today will be.  : )  i just wrote a Dear Leyton post all about yesterday's fun at the JD celebration.  lots of pictures, of course!  you know you want to check it out... : )  

it was fabulous, and definitely exhausting!  lots of walking, which was nice.  i'm so thankful i'm able to walk around & enjoy stuff now rather than being huffing & puffing & feeling like i need to sit down after every few feet!  BLESSING!  

also a blessing, mom taking me grocery shopping after the festivities.  it's so nice to have a fuller fridge again!  not that i replaced everything i had to throw out, but enough that i have things to eat for the next two weeks, so that's good.  heh.  we saw aunt jan as we were leaving, and leyton was so cute, he ran up & gave her a BIG hug!  : )  and then as we left he shouted "bye auntie jan!"  love it!  

when i got home, there were TWO cars blocking my driveway.  i was annoyed.  i went up to the neighbors & was like, "hey, could you please not park in front of my driveway?"  and they were of course apologetic & everything.  i told them i'd rather they park IN the driveway if they need to - i have an extra space, and it would be easier for me to get into my driveway w/ a car in that space than one blocking it.  LOL  so, they moved & i got all the groceries in & then i just VEGGED OUT.  *laugh*  

i read my book, watched Xanadu (oh, 80's goodness!) & then some eight is enough & i had to stop part way thru an episode because i was falling asleep!  heh.  the day wore me out - but in a good way!  : )  

so, today - more dvd's & reading & vegging out, that is the plan.  

how's your weekend going??  : ) 


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