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Monday, 11 June 2012

i'm a series girl

i'm sure you know this.  i often blather on & on about series that i love - books, movies, tv shows.  i love being able to fully immerse in stories, and i don't want them to end, and when the stories connect, it's an amazing feeling to me!  i love crossover series, i love when characters from one movie/show/book show up on another movie/show/book - especially when it's completely unexpected.  i mean, it's fun when i know about before hand; i may even watch a movie/show or read a book specifically to see a favorite character from another.  when it's a surprise, tho?  my squeal of delight cannot be contained!  

so, imagine my delight when i discovered that two of the books i'd re-read this weekend (Love Bites & Tall, Dark & Hungry) were not only part of a trilogy as i'd imagined, but part of an EPIC series with 16 or 17 books!!  *bounce**squee**bounce*  SO excited!  i cannot wait to gather up this collection!!!  : )  it's about a family of vampires - bet you couldn't tell by the titles? - but not your typical vampires.  toss out all the vampire lore as to the origins.  these immortals are vampires due to a genetic condition, and i love that explanation!  lynsay sands does a great job!  my only complaint on these stories is that they're realllllllly racy, but i definitely don't hold it against them.  or lynsay - it's not her fault i'm quite modest!  *laugh*  she can spin a tale w/ humor - i laugh out loud so much in her stories.  genuine, big-breakout-smile laughs!!  : )  

if you enjoy a good laugh, a great story about family & love & maybe a non-traditional vampire or 20... i highly recommend taking a look at these book.  


in other news - i got to hang out w/ mom & leyton yesterday prior to starting Tall, Dark & Hungry.  : )  leyton & i had a catch & played w/ trains & it was quite a lot of fun as it always is hanging out w/ him!  

mom decided that our june vacation would be at the end of the month - hoping to go to unionville to see the trains, altho leyton might want to do some roller coasters instead, which would also be okay w/ me.  (duh LOL)  i'm hoping we'll be able to afford all of that - if not, there are lots of things around here we can do... i suppose... LOL  

i stayed up way too late last night reading, so i really need to get to bed on time tonight.  we'll see.  LOL  i'm not sure what my next book is, but will be reading some magazines a little later.  : )  

hope your week is going well!  ttfn!


  1. Oh those books sound interesting,
    I should look them up the next time I visit the bookstore.
    He is a cute kid.

    1. yes, yes, they are definitely fun reads! : )

      and thank you! i kinda love him. : )