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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

a bite to remember

mmmm.... i got to work early today, because i *gasp* got up early!  the day was fine, went pretty fast, really.  i wanted to get my error reports done, but only got about 1/2 way thru them because of some other issues that kept cropping up.  *laugh*  i love jumping in & when everything gets all whirlwindy, that's what makes it go fast.  but sometimes it goes TOO fast & before i know it it's time to go & i still have so much to dooooo!  but i don't want to put in any OT if i can help it because i know budgets are tight.  (or, well, actually it's what i hear, i don't actually KNOW that.)  

my ex-wallmate & i went to hungry hobo for lunch.  chocolate pudding...mmmm!  and a sandwich, but i was pretty delighted w/ the pudding.  LOL  also the cute boy in the corner.  because, well, i'm boy crazy.  : )  

the afternoon was nice - we had a visit from some reps & they brought a delicious treat - chocolate covered potato chips!  sooooo rich, so delicious!  : )  i could only eat a couple, which is good on many levels.  *laugh*  

after work, i headed to barnes & noble to use up the giftcard i'd found (which i think was from like 2 birthdays ago - thank God they don't expire!!).  i looked around at the shelves, just marveling in the wonders of a bookstore as i do, for awhile.  i looked through some lovely history books about the Army & the royal family, some classics, and then the romance section.  i was a little worried at first because all i could find were the newer books.  then i found the 'archive' shelves & sat my butt down on the floor - because of course the books i wanted happened to be on the bottom shelf.  i love sitting on the floor in a bookstore anyway... : )  even tho sitting on any floor anywhere is kinda painful for any length of time!  thankfully, it didn't take long at all for me to find lynsay's A Bite to Remember.  *happy dance ensues*  i read the first chapter on her site the other day & knew it had to be my next story if at all possible.  and it was possible!  yay!  

i thought i would start it when i got home, but then i had to finish my magazines, and read the blogosphere & watch Bunheads (oh sooooo good!  except the end of the episode made me cry) & Melissa & Joey (aahhhhh, LOVE!  and also, boy crazy me + joey?  mmm!).  : )  

lalala - i had some in-depth thoughts on my recent boy craziness, but after two hours of watching joey all i can say is - WHOA!  : )  and it's time for bed.  so - happy wednesday tomorrow & ttfn!  

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