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Thursday, 14 June 2012

smoke on the water

lately there have been a lot of blogs/bloggers deleting their blogs or just not posting anywhere.  it always makes me sad to read that last post, or to check in w/ a blog & see that there hasn't been a post in years.  of course, having 3 blogs, i understand how that can happen sometimes.  my menu blog has been sadly neglected, due to lack of inspiration, mostly.  i'm sorry for anyone who visits there & feels the way i feel when it happens to me!  

pretty good day at work - lots accomplished!  at one point i had 4 issues pop up one after the other, and that was a little hinky.  but it all turned out quite well!  yay!  : )  

still, no matter how i enjoyed my day, i was really happy to see 4:30!  i stopped at the book rack to pour thru shelves and shelves of 1/2 priced books.  i found 2 of sherri's & one of lynsay's.  :D  then i headed home to dive back into Bite.  i think vincent & jackie are two of my all-time favorite characters!  and tiny... his story is next.  (i wanted to find the next book in order, but couldn't, so i'll be reading a little out of order, but i'll be okay with it, i hope!)  i finished the book just before 8, just in time to log in & chat w/ april for a bit!  : )  

watched royal pains & some white collar, and now i'm heading to read a bit & then zzzz.  so happy to see friday!  and leyton gets to stay the night saturday, hooray!  then sunday is father's day & we're going to hang out w/ phil.  

what're you doing for father's day?  do you get to spend it w/ your dad?  i wish mine was here to hang out w/ us on father's day - but i guess he gets to spend father's day w/ the best Father, so... i try not to be sad, you know?  

: ) 



  1. You're exactly right about your daddy! That pic of him warms my heart. I can see where you get your sweet smile from! Glad you're still spending Father's day celebrating your brother's fatherhood and spending it with family!

    I have not had any time to blog or read blogs lately :( Makes me so sad and I miss it so much! I'm definitely going to try and be better about it because I feel so out of the loop on what's going on in your life and it makes me sad! Miss you sweet girl!!

    Enjoy your weekend and give Leyton bug a hug for me! :) xoxo

    1. thanks, marzipan! *HUGS* i miss your beautiful comments, but love that you're actively posty on the fb so i can keep up w/ your cj love. heh. i'll give leyton a hug for you for sure. *HUGS* love you!!