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Saturday, 30 June 2012

wedding day

weddings.  weddings are stressful for me.  if/when i get married, my hope is that my groom is A-OK w/ eloping to vegas.  because i just do NOT want the traditional wedding.  i don't want to wear a white dress, stand up in front of a large group of ppl, and be forced to say words that a million other couples have said because of tradition.  i want to look into my husband-to-be's eyes and tell him how i feel about HIM and that i promise that HE is the only one i will give my heart to, and vice versa.  i want him to be looking at me, saying what is in his heart, not something he's repeating from the minister or had to memorize like the preamble to the constitution.  

ya know?

all that being said, matt & melissa's wedding went very well, aside from my rising panic during everything because i was by myself and all the ppl i know and am friends w/ were IN the wedding & marcie wasn't there because her sister passed away two days ago.  :(  i made it thru the ceremony, i managed to actually TALK to ppl & be friendly & not let my nerves send me running out the door.  barely managed, at some points, but managed just the same!  

the reception wasn't until 5:30, so i met mom, phil & leyton at the movies to see Brave.  : )  we all enjoyed the movie, but there were some pretty intense-for-a-children's-cartoon bear fight scenes, and leyton didn't enjoy those so much!  the popcorn was good, the family time was good, and there were some really nice previews, as well!!  : )  

after the movie, i headed back to BG to pick bret up from work (i'd dropped him off at 10 & then come home to read before the wedding at 2), came home to drop him off & change into shorts (because OMH it was a hot one today!) & went to the reception.  i got there about 7, got to congratulate matt & hug melissa & talk to al & trish for a bit.  i grabbed some food & sat w/ dan & his wife, who are both awesome ppl!  : )  i see dan occasionally, but hadn't seen his wife since last year at megan's reception!  (megan is trish's daughter.)  it was a beautiful & fun reception, and i stayed for about an hour.  good times!  thank God dan was there!  *laugh*  

i got home about 8:30, after stopping to get gas at the kwik shop.  my car wouldn't start for a bit, and idk what is up w/ that, but it's scary cuz i need my car & i'll have to get it into the shop.  agh!  i read & bret played youtube videos & we had some nice chats.  : )  his friend picked him up about 10 to go... somewhere... *laugh*  hope they're having fun!!

i've had a certain guy on my mind all day (erm, okay, since i met him!).  i wonder if he thinks about me?  *laugh*  probably not, but whatevs, i'm going to enjoy my little fantasies!  ; )  

and that's about all for today!  : )  i'm off to read - i finished The Rogue Hunter & am now reading a Susan Grant alien romance, How To Lose An Alien in 10 Days.  ahhh.  love, ain't it grand?!    


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