"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


i believe in magic.  the good kind, not the kid the Bible warns ppl about.  

i believe in miracles.  the big and the small.  

i believe in the power of positive thinking.  

i believe in love.

i believe in the power words can have over someone.

i believe in myself.  mostly.  

i believe all this is possible because the LORD believes in ME and created me to be a blessing.  : )  

i pray all the time that He'll let me be a blessing to my family & friends as they are to me.  

i pray that i will be a blessing to random ppl at the store, the drive thru, on the phone, thru email, wherever i can be.  

so, that's what i've got today.  : )  

work went well.  had two meetings - one was annoying, one was cool.  the follow up to the annoying meeting will hopefully be more ... productive.  heh.  unexpected lunch at adolph's.  DELISH!  i had a tostada & some chips & salsa.  YUMMY!  dinner was less yummy - cheese & egg omelet & some pretzels w/ cream cheese.  well, no, it was still yummy, just not as ... erm... exciting?  LOL  

got to chat w/ a friend from somewhere i used to work today.  it was really nice!  we realized that i had started working there TEN years ago.  crazy!  time flies... 

was happy to be able to shut down & get outta work right at 4 o'clock so i could scoot home & start A Bite to Remember.  : ) : ) : )  i am about to turn GH on the hulu & get back to the book.  i think i should be able to watch rookie blue a little later, too... *bounce*  i can't get enough of that show.  i need it on DVD so i can pull out Ben Bass's Swarek whenever i want ... an oh, i want... *laugh*  (yep, still boy crazy.  i'm kinda getting annoyed w/ it, but i kinda like it at the same time... so, you must suffer with me!  LOL)  

(on a related note - i thought it was just because of my recent vampire book run - i keep thinking of him as a vampire, or that he'd make a good vampire... and lo & behold he WAS, on one of my fave vamp shows, Forever Knight!  LOL  i love when my mind works like that!  *grin*)  

what're you up to lately?  : ) 



  1. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for popping in at my blog! I went to your other blog first before landing here:) Sure sounds like you had your day under control.

  2. lol thanks! yeah, unfortunately my menu is being sadly neglected lately. i need some inspiration! : )