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Sunday, 24 June 2012

witches of oz

i'm not the biggest Wizard of Oz fan.  i've seen the movie lots, and i enjoy it occasionally, but it's not something that i "crave" to pull out.  *laugh*  Return to Oz, however, i enjoyed more.  which is odd, since it's quite a bit darker than the original.  or, maybe that's not so odd, knowing me.  LOL  so, the other day when i was at the video store and i saw The Witches of Oz, i thought to give it a chance.  : )  i watched most of it last night, but then the meds kicked in (i'd had a headache most of the day & finally gave in to taking some vicodin around 9) & i had to go to bed!  so i finished it today.  it was really, really strange, but in a good way.  heh.  and billy boyd is one handsome scotsman, so he was an unexpected bonus!  ; )  

yesterday, despite the headache, i took leyton to the pavilion to play.  we had fun!!  : )  

 i LOVE the reflection on this one!  : ) 

 i can see shades of him at 14, driving a car... 

 this expression!!  drowning in adorableness!  

we stopped at sonic for a cheeseburger & 1/2 priced drinks.  leyton wanted to eat in a stall, so i said "why not?" and we spent a very pleasant 40 minutes or so hanging out there & eating a bite.  he hopped in the passenger seat & i read him a spider book & we sang along to the sonic music.  : )  he made friends w/ our carhop as well, of course.  he was amazed she was on skates!!  : )  

when i brought leyton back to mom's, we watched We Bought A Zoo... it was good, but it wasn't quite as "family friendly" as i'd thought.  oh, there was nothing inherently bad about it - but there was a lot of language!  i guess i don't understand peppering a perfectly good script w/ words that we tell our kids not to say, and then advertising the film as a family affair.  of course, my idea about acceptable language is probably different from the populace... i was happy that leyton at least recognized that they were words he shouldn't say!  

before i left, leyton was being naughty & ended up kicking me in my mouth, and i left not a happy camper.  it was an accident, of sorts, but he shouldn't have been doing what he was doing & it wouldn't have happened.  of course, two seconds after i left, I felt bad because he's so sensitive & i knew he'd feel bad for hurting me. so called right away from the car & he wasn't going to talk to me (mom was trying to get him to apologize) and so i said okay & was going to hang up & then he wanted to talk.  i asked him if it'd been an accident or on purpose & he was crying & said "i don't want to talk about it!"  so then i told him i thought it was an accident & that hopefully he'd be in a better mood tomorrow for our trip.  i just talked to him really gently for awhile & he came out of his sad shell & he was okay by the time we said goodbye.  whew!  

oh, also yesterday i watched John Carter.  that was a GOOD movie!  idk why it didn't do well in theatres, it had all the necessary ingredients!!  i highly enjoyed it!  

today i'm watching a christmas movie, Beyond Christmas, from the ... well, idk what year.  it's in TECHNICOLOR.  *laugh*  it's a very sweet romance.  : )  things were easier back then!  *laugh*  as far as romance goes.  "as soon as i get a teaching job, we can get married."  "jimmy!  you just proposed to me!"  "i did, didn't i?  it's all right isn't, it?"  *happy movie kiss*  *laugh*  CUTE!  

as i'm watching & typing, there is a STORM raging outside.  thunder shaking my house!  praying the electricity holds.  : )  also praying it won't keep on like this all day - i'm sure mom won't want to be driving to chicago in a storm!  botheration.  looks like it's all going south, tho, so that's a plus!  right now it's kinda like being inside a very loud car wash... heh!

so, that's all for now!  *laugh*  hope you enjoyed the pictures!!  :D  


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