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Thursday, 7 June 2012

one boy

obviously happy!  : )  

i'm not the kind of girl that boys look twice at.  unless they're mean and making fun of me for something like my moles.  i'm not striking.  i'm usually shy and have a really hard time making eye contact.  i have to literally THINK about making eye contact and then - because i know that my eyes aren't always pointing the same way - i don't maintain it very long w/ new ppl.  i blush reallllly easily.  

i don't need to be that kind of girl, altho of course sometimes it would be nice!  really, tho, i just need ONE boy to think i'm a girl to look twice at.  

i'm a little boy crazy today.  i had a perfect view of my work crush at a couple of meetings the past couple weeks, which has been nice.  then today, oh my goodness, my former wall-mate & i went out for a break this afternoon, and there was a super TALL, super HOT dude in a tiiiiight gray t-shirt walking our way.  he was polite, too, saying "excuse me" as he passed by us.  and i couldn't resist looking back at him once he was passed...and he was looking back, too.  : )  

alas, there's nothing to come of any of it, and most of the time i don't even care, it's not on my radar, whatever.  but lately, i just kinda want IT.  i'm not going to go looking for IT, tho.  not going to the clubs, the bars, the coffee shops - wherever it is thirty-somethings go to find romance.  *laugh*  

because even tho i know i'm not that kind of girl, the boy for me will think i am.  i won't need to win him over, because he'll think my nose is cute right off the bat, or will like my smile and the way my eyes crinkle up and will think my moles make me pretty.  he'll want to get to know me, and he'll let me know.  i won't have to chase him down; i won't have to be someone other than who i am.

because the boy for me will like me - just the way i am.  (thanks a lot, bridget jones's diary.  yeesh!  that's still my favorite line.  LOL)


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