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Friday, 15 June 2012

slush slush slush

i miss a good ol' strawberry slush from sonic every once in awhile.  i may actually get one this weekend.  unlike the cherry slushes, i BELIEVE the strawberry ones are made w/ real fruit, as opposed to a sugary syrup.  (that sugary syrup is delicious, too, but i'm not even letting it be an option for me!)  i suppose i could ask, because if it's not real strawberries then i can just get a diet coke w/ cranberry.  heh.  

anyway!  it's funny the things i dream about sometimes, no?  

i went to the bank & the BAM after work today.  after my earlier success at that store, i was excited to see what deals i could procure.  um.  *disappointed sigh*  the sale i happened upon to find my night world books must have been divine intervention.  cuz those books - along w/ the other LJ Smith anthologies i was looking at - were back at regular price of $10.  le sigh.  not to be deterred, i went looking for some more of lynsay's argeneau series & found Hungry For You, which looks to be amusing.  :D  i was going to get a different one, but this story called to me, so ... there ya go.  a little peak into how i shop for books.  LOL  

after picking out the book, i stopped at WM for some groceries.  i was very proud of myself - only spent $52!  hooray!  i did NOT pick up any unnecessary clothes or trinkets or movies (i usually treat myself to a $5 movie once a month, but have been treating myself to books instead, and have so far resisted the temptation to treat myself to BOTH.  as i do not have the money to do that and i do not want to insult my mom's willingness to help me out last month by doing that.  so i am TRYING really hard!!!).  of course, while i'm patting myself on the back for that one, i also have to point out that i forgot to pick up cat food.  thankfully i'm not OUT, so it's not a dire emergency or anything, but i will now have to make another trip... which means another opportunity for temptation... eep!  

when i got home, my house was STIFLING!  :(  i mean, it's great that the AC doesn't run all day so to save me money, but on days like today when it's nearly 90 STILL at 7pm, it would be nice to walk into a cool house instead of taking 2-3 hours for it to cool down to my comfort level... ah well, not complaining, because i'm grateful to HAVE AC!  :D  

anyway, i'm going to hulu GH & go sit back down w/ Tiny & Mari's story.  what're you up to tonight??  : )  


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