"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 21 June 2012


today was SO MUCH FUN!  

- lunch at HH w/ my friend & former wall-mate.  i thought i would get pudding, but had waffle fries instead.  almost got both, but that wouldn't help in my goal of losing 50 more #'s this year.  : )  

- coming back from break this afternoon, there was a group of guys walking the opposite direction & apparently my chest was looking awesome today because i got two *ahem* leers? and a complimentary sound.  i'm not really used to men taking notice of my chest in any fashion, so i'm not quite sure what was up today, but i was bright red for at least an hour afterward.  LOL  apparently i should be offended?  idk, i was more flattered.  

- 1/2 the office was in a meeting this afternoon, but my two wall-mates & i had gone to an earlier session, so we were all still there.  somehow we got into many hilarious conversations while we worked.  (started off by the story of the leering from earlier LOL)  i said something about a dude painting his nails while he waited for something & wall-mate to the left made a noise & i said, "hey, he could be goth and enjoy painting his nails, we don't know!"  then, "i wonder if there's a goth contingent in the area."  to which she replied, "idk, but there are vampires."  and then proceeded to tell me about the group of ppl who dressed like 17th century vamps complete w/ fangs at the last festival she attended!!  i prefer my vampires slightly less... foppish... but yay for them for embracing their interests!  from there we ended up talking about the cross-dressers that were at the same festival, and how they were very well put-together.  again, i say if you're going to make a decision like that, commit to it & do it well!  (ala RuPaul!)

- it was a great afternoon, got a lot accomplished w/ claims & pictures & vacations & timecards while we laughed and chatted.  it was very fun & relaxed & nice.  

- what i thought was the topper - i got to see my crush as i was leaving.  we chatted for a minute - nothing at all, really, just how are things going & whatnot.  he has a really brilliant smile.  just thought i'd share.  : )  

- what was really the topper - we were on the same route home & he was in my rear view mirror nearly the entire way.  the smile did not leave my face!  :D  also helping keep that smile in place was Yanni Voices played at a very, very loud decibel w/ the windows open, hair whipping in the wind & car dancing.  yep, car dancing!  i so enjoy moving to the beat!  and then as we turned out opposite directions to head toward our destinations, i noticed that his windows were open, too.  idk what he was listening to, or if he car dances, but thought it was neat that his windows were down.  lol

i am such. a. nerd.  : )  

the plan for tonight is to read Storm Front until a REASONABLE hour.  oh, i did watch some Yanni videos, a Nickelback video of Savin' Me cuz ever since Ash sang it to Tory i've wanted to hear it, but it wasn't playing anywhere on the radio today!  yeesh.  i did hear Electric Blue by Icehouse on the way back from lunch & was super excited, tho!  :D  

oh!  have you watched the new show on ... abcfamily?  i think?  Baby Daddy.  one of my canadian crushes, the dude who was josh on Kyle XY, is the star.  happy dance!  

now, on to the book!  ; )  ttfn!

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