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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

lighting the night sky

erm.  so much for my resolve to go to bed by 11 tonight!  i just looked down & it's already 11:30.  d'oh!

the rain & thunder & lightning show has started, tho!  so i should be able to sleep well when i get there.  : )

countdown to yanni continues!!!  : )  listened to some Ethnicity today, after some Glee.  heh.  i need to get the new cd before saturday...

today is SMK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and yet i didn't make it to WM to get it.  :(  i had to go to hy vee after work, which i didn't get out til after 6, and so ... i went to hy vee because it's right next to the office, while WM is nearer to my house.  for whatever reason, it's just easier to get back out of the car sometimes when i go next door?  what is that about??  anyway, so i went in for cheese, burritos, and a couple other things.  then i found some yogurt, and crab ragoon, and a few other things.  when i got to the counter, and everything was unloaded, i discovered - i was outta checks cuz i'd used my last one at lunch!  d'oh!  thankfully, i remembered i had some cash stashed somewhere in my purse, so i was able to get the main things i'd gone in for in the first place (plus some strawberries, yum!).  : )  i felt bad, but everyone was like, "i've totally done that before."  so then i felt less bad.  heh.

made enchiladas for dinner, w/ some corn.  read some People & watched Friends, GH, & Castle.  enjoyable!!!  tried to catch up on some blogs, still behind on a couple, tho.  hopefully tomorrow after payroll i can read some more.  : )

and that, my dear friends, is my exciting day!  4 days to yanni!  what're you looking forward to this weekend?


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