"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 25 March 2011

lee & amanda, yanni, & well, what else do you need???

*sings*  all you need is love.  lalalala love!  

well, and the Lord.  He is love.  LOVE.  

okay, so today was a lovely friday!  productive, which is how we all know i like my days!  LOL  i haven't really been able to say much about work lately, other than that it's been productive!  there's been a lot going on, but it's just - even when it's different, it's the same, ya know?  lots of changes happening.  one awesome thing - my 5 year anniversary is coming up in may!  i got to pick out a gift (i chose a watch) and i might get to have cupcakes.  idk, i haven't heard about that one yet.  lol  

i actually left ... well, no, i was done working after 8 hours (just 8!), but then i chatted w/ marty & had to balance my checkbook before doing some shopping.  i didn't really plan on "shopping"... i was just going to WM to get SMK!  i went to WM.  i did not find SMK.  :(  i did find two more seasons of Walker, Texas Ranger, tho.  : )  hey, if i couldn't have bruce, i was gettin' chuck norris.  ; )  

my next stop in the hunt for Lee & Amanda was borders.  jana had suggested amazon, but i didn't want to wait for it to be shipped to me, i wanted to watch it now!  lol  april suggested barnes & noble, but borders was closer & i didn't really want to go to the mall if i didn't have to.  

april & bruce.  seriously, she got to TOUCH LEE!  

there was no lee at borders.  i also looked for Yanni's book, to no avail.  what's the dealio, borders?!  you didn't have Keep Calm & Carry On, either.  pooh.  i found the book about our local ball park that has a bunch of aunt dorothy's photos in it.  i didn't pick it up today, tho i will add it to my collection soon.  : )  the dedication is so sweet, to aunt dorothy & uncle frank.  : )  actually, i almost left completely empty-handed, but as i was leaving, i noticed a Dilbert book on sale for $2.97!  i love having a phone w/ a camera - i sent joy a text w/ a picture of the book asking if she had it yet (i love dilbert, but she is an even bigger fan than i am!).  : )  she doesn't, so it shall be her easter present!  WM & target both have so much cute stuff for easter baskets, too, for the kiddos!  while i was waiting for her response about the dilbert book, i found... and this really makes me happy... 

seriously!!!!!  : )  idk if i've ever talked about my adoration of nancy drew & the hardy boys, but i read both series voraciously all through jr high & high school!!!   this is one of those pocket books, with "nancy's" secret journals, notes, clues, oh my goodness!  toward the end it talks about the history of nancy drew (and briefly, the hardy boys), the family syndicate that created her, and how she changed thru the 40 years of the original books.  

and then... 

then...oh, people, if i'd needed any proof that picking this book up was the right decision - in the back i got a FABULOUS SURPRISE - nancy drew POSTCARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : )  i just discovered that after i scanned the book in just now.  LOL  

whew!  so, anyway, after borders i went to best buy & finally found SMK season 2.  : )  : )  : )  i picked up dinner at hungry hobo & made it home around 7.  immediately started watching SMK.  i *heart* this show so much!!!!  april & i got to chat as we both watched for a little bit.  love it!!  we talked about how we love that lee is always such a gentleman, how he's always guiding amanda w/ a hand on her back or holding her elbow... i love the chivalry!  i love that the men wear suits and the women are usually dressy, too.  and the scenery!!  this season they are doing a lot of european travel, which has been fun!  

oh my heck, i'm just typing away and watching lee & amanda, and i just realized it's 1 AM!  

i gotta go to bed.  LOL  mom's picking me up at 10.  YANNI YANNI IKEA WEBER YANNI YANNI YANNI!!!!  : )  


oh yes, and a postcrossing from belarus.  the words are a prayer for the suffering, poor and ruined (not sure exactly what the sender meant by that last part!).  prayers are always good - i certainly pray for you, and appreciate your prayers for me!!  

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  1. I was an avid Nancy Drew reader back in the day....my Sister-in-Law has almost the whole paperback series. Awesome.