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Monday, 28 March 2011

marching penguins

oh, monday!  it wasn't so bad because i slept til 10.  : )  

and then an episode of SMK before heading to the bank & then work.  heh.  it's cutoff time for 2010 claims, and of course ppl wait til the last possible minute to submit them.  so this week is gonna be off the hook crazy!  *laugh*  and i have a doctor's appt tomorrow so there goes an hour... 

ah well!  such is the life, yes?  : )  i picked up arthur's for dinner - braunschwegger (? sp?) sammich & a bacon & cheese baked potato!  i also had to stop at the WM pharmacy & i found a cute thomas the train easter egg for leyton!  : )  when i got home, bret was home!  hooray!  we watched No Ordinary Family & then he borrowed the car to go to young men's Bible study, and i got to chat w/ april for a bit while watching... SMK, what else?  lol  i'm not going to have time to take it back to exchange til later in the week, so i might as well finish watching it.  i just learned from my cousin jenni that her mom, my aunt judy, loves SMK, too.  woot!!  and oh my goodness KRAMER from seinfeld is on the episode i'm currently watching!!  LOLOLOL  he's a thug!  

i wrote out some bills & registered some postcrossings, and that's about it for my evening!  *laugh*  gonna finish this disc & hit the hay, i think.  what'd you get up to today??  


 canadian turtle!!  <3  

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