"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 23 March 2011



i got to chat w/ april tonight.  :)  we talked about SMK SMK SMK!!!!!  and also life, and our days, and our aches & pains.  heh.  

watched The Good Wife (excellent episode!), NCIS (mmmmark harmmmmmon yummmmmmmmm!), NCIS LA (lots to be happy about w/ this show for sure!).  : )  

work & payroll both went well.  

do you ever wonder why we all let ourselves be pulled under by political lies?  as a country, i mean.  i'm on some  "left" mailing lists and some "right" mailing lists, and most of the time i think if i was only receiving one and believing everything they told me, it would be so easy to be brainwashed!  the other side of that is, who to believe??  meh.  

i believe in the Lord, in His salvation, His healing, His love, His mercy, His law.  that's what i believe.  i believe some things have shades of gray - but HE is not one of those things.  He is the RIGHT in right v. wrong.  

i hope you have felt His love today!  

ttfn... the countdown to yanni continues... 3 days!!  ; )  


  1. Very good observation. I also never know who to believe when it comes to politics. Perhaps this is why I never get to involved with it. I believe that both sides are equally dishonest and crooked.

  2. you two are sooo cute! super excited for you!

  3. LOL Brooke, sad but seems to be too true!

    Micaela, thank you!! : )