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Monday, 28 March 2011

Yanni Weekend - AWESOME

first of all, you'll want to check out all the food we ate this weekend.  : )  

oh, fabulous saturday!  all week the weather had been calling for snow & blusteriness on saturday, but the day dawned sunny & actually kinda warm!  i got up & ran over to jan's before mom picked me up at 10.  the drive was nice - even tho penelope tried to take us down some goofy roads... i think she was trying to avoid the tollway!  on our detour, we stopped at this little cemetary to look around, and found this really pretty headstone.  i love the name, too!!  

we made good time & everything, getting to IKEA around 1:30-ish.  

i love IKEA.  it was mom's first time, and she had lots of fun, too!  AND i found more postcards, which were marked down to 50 cents for each package of 5 cards!!  : )  super sweet!!  

we went to our hotel for a couple hours of cards 

& then it was time for... 

$20 for parking at the sears centre?  really?  they be craaazy!

it was so awesome!!  i didn't get my shoutout (*pout*) but it was still a lot of fun & AWESOME music as always!  i took some pictures, but they really didn't turn out very well.  i should have brought my bigger camera!  anyway, here are a couple of the shots - we were in the WAY HIGH UP section.  the touch the sky section as i like to call it.  LOL  

it was kinda scary.  i mean, i love being up high (hotel rooms, especially - we were on the 6th floor at ours & i just really enjoy it!) but i sorta felt like i could topple over at any minute!  one guy nearly did fall when he was climbing over seats!!  (of course, he'd been drinking...idk why anyone would be drinking at $8 a glass!!)

i can't wait to go to the next concert!  he said he'd be back next year!  : )  : )  : )  

after the concert we went to bennigans for dinner & then SLEPT!  comfy beds, but kinda lower than other beds at other hotels, which was a little weird.  this morning we got up & were out around 11:30.  had brunch at the hotel eatery (good omelets and yummy coffee!) & then checked out the pool - they have a cool mushroom waterfall thingy: 

that'll be fun for the boys if we stay there again when we visit!  we went to the container store before leaving town, and that place was pretty neat.  lots of boxes.  LOTS!  ; )  

the drive home was really nice, lots of stops & we listened to penelope & went the scenic route.  there was a really nice winery, which if we hadn't been anxious to get home mom said we would have stopped in!  

all in all, a lovely weekend & i'm very glad i decided to do payroll when i got home.  this way i get to sleep in til 10 or so tomorrow!  which is really a wonderful thing, especially since i've been in SMK land, and it's currently TWO AM?!!  seriously, i need to get to bed after this episode!!  : )  

how was your weekend??  ttfn!  


  1. Glad you had a great time!

  2. aw what a FABULOUS weekend!!! i was sooo excited to hear how yanni was! :) fun fun fun!!!


  3. oops, i missed these comments. LOL thanks, ladies! : )