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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

post 400

goodness, i write a lot.  LOL  

my day was filled with memorials, claims, and vacations.  tomorrow will be filled with much of the same.  altho more claims than anything else, as the deadline for 2010 is thursday.  and the claims just keep getting crazier!  *laugh*  i was so irritated today w/ one of them - and then i talked with the lady who turned it in & she was the nicest person!  lol  so, i am resolving to not be irritated w/ whatever claims come in.  ppl have waited til the last minute, and if their claims aren't right, they aren't right.  i will do whatever i can to help each and every person... and hope that they LET me help them.  LOL  

i worked til 6:30 & then after work, i was going to meet mom at mo' brady's for dinner, but she didn't end up getting off til way later!  d'oh!  so i got gas at WM ($32, eep! and that is CHEAP!  LOL) & got the mail & then fixed pasta & meatballs for dinner.  

got to chat w/ april for a bit & watch more SMK.  : )  i'm almost done w/ season 2, tho!  *pout*  when does season 3 come out??  heh.  

so, yeah, this is my 400th post, just on this blog!  LOL  i know i don't really have a "niche."  i mean, i write a lot about not a lot.  lately, especially, i've been feeling kinda ... like i have so much to say but not!  i've been working so much, i feel a bit like i'm spinning my wheels.  or like i'm not getting enough sleep.  or i'm getting too much sleep.  or... i don't know!  all i want to do is sleep lately, but then i don't want to sleep because there's so much i want to do when i'm not at work!  *laugh*  i want to keep up w/ my darling friends, spend time w/ mom & the boys, hang out w/ friends... i want to be there for everyone, and yet sometimes i get wrapped up in me i forget to ask about ppl.  

how are YOU doing?  are you feeling overwhelmed?  tired?  in pain?  loved?  needed?  enjoyed?  i hope you're feeling all of the good & none of the bad in that list!  : )  

Jesus loves you, and so do i!  ttfn!

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  1. Happy 400th post!!! :) I was wondering about how many posts I've written so far and this reminded me to take a look :) I know my blog anniversary is sometime next month (better check on that too or I'll miss it! ha) I fight the same battle you do about getting enough or too much sleep! ha :) One of my favourite things to do is take a nap, yet there's so much I have to do when I'm not at work. I am so far behind on blogs (man I've miss yours!!!) because there's so much going on! I'm so exhausted by the time I get off work and finished at the gym etc. that by the time I get home I watch some TV and then go to bed! But this next week I'm going to try and be better about making time for what I love most - reading my favourite blogs like yours! :)