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Monday, 21 March 2011


do you guys eat jello?  what's your favorite?  i love jello cups, because they come in sugar-free, and are truly sugar-free, and i can eat 2 or 3 of them at a time, guilt-free!  but, have you ever noticed (or is it just me) - that the green & orange jello comes completely out of the cup, whereas the cherry leaves bits?  what's up with that?  actually, it's any red jello - cherry, black cherry, strawberry, kiwi... idk it seems odd.  LOL 

i'm watching Celebrity Apprentice tonight, along with some horatio (csi: miami), undercover boss, and i was gonna try for some Army Wives, but cbs.com was giving me fits, so instead of it taking me an hour & a half to watch 2 eps of miami, it took me like 3 hours!  yeesh!  but they were really good eps... : )  

today was a pretty good day at work.  productive, of course!  and delicious rudy's for lunch!  seriously, more mexican, please!!  oh, and i actually got to leave almost on time!!!  i don't even remember the last time that happened.  heh.  and it was a blessing, because then i was able to pick bret up as he walked home.  i don't anticipate that happening again this week, but i liked it today.  

and now misha's all moved out.  :(  well, actually, a lot of her stuff is still here.  LOL  but tim came over & hauled a bunch of her stuff out, and she's staying w/ them tonight & they're leaving for KC eaaaarllllyyyy tomorrow morning.  *sniffle*  she was only here for like a month, but i'll miss having her here!  i'm glad bret's still here.  i'll really miss him!  

oh, nuts, i forgot to check the mail tonight!  we'll have to do that in the morning.  : )  

how'd your monday go?

ttfn!  : )  


  1. Jello reminds me of hospitals. I've actually had a couple of boxes of Jello in my pantry for like...years. My daughter loves Jello though.

  2. oooh, you might wanna switch out the ancient jello boxes, tho... ; )