"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 20 March 2011


rain rain rain started the morning.  thunderstorms are great to sleep to, no?  : )  

pain pain pain through the day, but the Lord is healing it, thankfully.  

YANNI is less than a week away!!!!  i'm watching his live webchat from last week as i type.  : )  earlier i watched the latest Glee episode again, and caught up w/ a couple Bones eps, and later i'll watch some CBS shows.  but for right now, it's all yanni!  so fabulous, and i am so stoked for the trip to see him!!!

other exciting news for me (and april) - SMK comes out on tuesday!!!!  SMK for the uninitiated is Scarecrow & Mrs King.  love it!  season 2.  woot woot!!

saturday i picked up erin & we met juli, jill & renee at the chinese buffet for lunch & 3 hours of visiting.  jillybean brought her newest addition, 2 month old aiden.  aidan?  not sure how she spells his name!  anyway, he's a cutie patootie!  

jilly, nici (renee), erin, juli  : )  

erin & i were going to see a movie afterward, but when we got there we both were kinda like "meh" and so we just headed home.  or, rather, i took her home & then went to mom's to hang out w/ her & leyton & phil.  we took phil's car back to the rental agency (he had to get a new one cuz he was in an accident last week or the week before & totalled the car.  he's okay, tho, thank God!) & had a family field trip.  : )  

leyton had fun playing w/ my phone camera.  LOL  (well, i took the one of him helping phil check the tire pressure on mom's car.  :) )  i really enjoy the one of the stop light, idk why, it just really made me smile!  also, his squinty face ... lol  like he was anticipating a flash, cuz phil's phone has a monster flash. 

Survivor note - i love rob more & more every time i see him.  he's hilarious, and SMART!  

what else?  not much else to tell y'all right now!  *laugh*  i'll leave you w/ yesterday's postcrossings.  hope your weekend was relaxing & blessed!  : )  ttfn!  

from finland (top) and poland.  : )


  1. Scarecrow & Mrs. King...I had forgotten all about that show!

  2. If you liked it back in the day, you should check it out again! I <3 Bruce Boxleitner!!! : )