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Monday, 3 September 2012

last day of a four day weekend

the last day of a weekend is always hard.  doesn't matter if it's 2, 4, 9... lol  i am looking forward to my 9 day birthday/thanksgiving week "weekend" already!  : )  

this one was extremely nice, tho, i have to say!  thursday after work, i called the book rack to see if they possibly had the books i was missing from my dark-hunter series.  even tho i'd been in there just a couple weeks ago, and hadn't seen them, i had hope.  hope is a wonderous thing!  : )  they said that indeed they DID have BOTH books i asked about!  one was in IL & one in IA, and i was THRILLED!  they said they could have one or the other brought to a store, but i said it was no problem for me to pick them up from both stores, as they were on my way.  : )  EXCITEMENT!  and they were only $2.50 each!  *bounce*  THEN, when i was at the IA store, i spotted the paperback of Bad Moon Rising, which i technically have in hardback, but i can't find it.  so i picked that up to.  my collection of dark-hunter books is OFFICIALLY complete until the next one comes out.  well... unless i count the YA books, which are on my list to get after i complete my Argeneau collection... ; )  

so, after i finished my Perrigrine Connection book, which i'd started wednesday, i dove right into the Dark-Hunter world, where i will stay until i've read/re-read every single book.  *happy dance*  it is still amazing to me that i'd never read Night Pleasures or Night Embrace.  it's so neat the way the story weaves through these books, how the first few all take place, or start anyway, at the same time.  it really is like reading one huge book, and it's WONDERFUL.  : )  

anywhoo, other than reading (which, btw - i finished the PC book, read NP & NE, Dance With The Devil, Kiss of the Night & am now on Night Play - what a weekend, right?!) ...

friday around 5 i picked up leyton.  we went to WM for some groceries, had dinner & then came here to play kickball & watch some thomas before bed.  and eat lots of tic tacs.  that boy loves his tic tacs.  LOL  

saturday he said he wasn't feeling well, so we watched toy story 3 & a little bit of elf while snuggling on the couch & then got dressed & headed to HQ.  we had to skip the zoo since it was rainy!  but he didn't mind... so i didn't mind!  *laugh*  they'd done a little rearranging to the display floor at HQ, and even tho we hadn't been there in a few months, leyton noticed the changes.  which i found awesome.  i find everything about him awesome, tho.  except his tantrums, but hey.  LOL  

(unfortunately, one of those tantrums happened before we left the house, because he accidentally knocked my phone into my cup of soda.  :(  he was scared i was mad - which to be fair, i did use his full name but i didn't yell! - and i was upset, but it was an accident & he wasn't doing anything "bad" when it happened, so ... trying to calm him down from that one was hard, tho!  and my phone is now a little goofy.  still works, thank God!  but the camera lens is foggy & i can't use my top button to black out the screen... *sigh*  ah well, it still works!!!  and it didn't dampen my ability to take pictures ... just for them to be good... LOL)  

 look!  the gator has a convenient purse rack!  ; ) 

the last five, tho, are fairly clear and CUTE, dontchya think?  

we had a blast & then it was time for lunch & he wanted wendy's.  i didn't really want wendy's, but since it's right next to CFA, i said we could go thru the drive thru of both & then take it to gramma's to eat.  as soon as he heard Chick fil A, he was like, "oooh!  i want chick fil a!!"  : )  he's such a smart kid, knowing good chicken!  : )  heh

then we headed to gramma's & ate lunch & hung out there for a bit.  bret had texted to say he was in town for the festival of praise event, and he wanted to stop by to get some of his stuff (and clean his room, hooray!).  so i headed over here to make sure i'd get to see him.  : )  he was watching national treasure when i got home, and we had a good 40 minutes or so to chat before his ppl came to pick him up.  he blessed me w/ some money, which was a VERY big blessing, because end of the month is always a struggle.  so, praise the Lord for that!  hopefully this will keep me from needing to borrow any (more) money from mom the next two weeks.  oye.  

anyway!  sunday night i went over to mom's to watch Big Brother & also In Time before BB started.  love that movie!  BB is really, really excellent this season.  we have some GREAT players, some great scheming & alliances, and ppl i really LIKE!  : )  hooray!  (anyone else who watches think production has been trying to make dani & shane the jeff & jordan of the season, but it's just not happening?!  jeff & jordan are a unique happening.  sure, there's also rachel & brendan, but they are a whole different kind of unique.  LOL)

and now back to today!  i slept til almost 10.  it was luxurious!  : )  tomorrow, it's back to the work-week, but i'm excited for it.  not in the same way i was excited when i found my books, but just... idk, i am claiming that it will be a GOOD, nae, an EXCELLENT week.  : )  

how bout you?  what've you been up to?  i'm off to see if my computer will let me watch some rookie blue & GH while reading.  altho... i may shut everything off & just be lost in my book.  while i have no problem multitasking, and that is a gift!, i still just kinda want to be ensconced soley in bride & vane's story, because i love them so much.  : )  


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