"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


daddy would have been 66 today.

i really miss him.

i left work at 12:30 because i was just sad, and wanted to be by myself to ... i don't know.  it wasn't super slow or anything, but my mind kept wandering to my pictures of dad, one of which is from his last birthday, the day we threw him the surprise party.  he's coming up the stairs to the house, having just released his black birthday balloons up to the sky.  *sigh*  

halloween is usually the harder day, but sometimes his birthday just hits me.  and i wish i could call him or go over to the house & hug him & say, "i love you, daddy!" and give him a funny card and ... well, let's face it, i'm broke, so the funny card would likely be his present.  : )  

anyway.  i started writing this just after i came home, because writing is therapy!  but of course my computer had other ideas, and it froze, and then shut off, and then wanted to run a fix thing, and so i moseyed away & read up on the BB blog on my phone (oh my heck, GAME PLAY GALORE!!  this really is a rather exciting season!) & then prepping some fish for dinner.  oh, this afternoon i also went to the pawn shop to see if they'd give me anything for the charm bracelet i'm trying to sell.  no dice.  "we don't really sell a lot of these, sorry."  oh well!  i'll see if i can sell it on craig's list, and if not, it might be a very nice birthday present for sarah sue one day.  : )  

i was going to put the picture of dad w/ the balloons up, but i can't find it on my computer - i thought i had a folder labelled "dad" but apparently i hallucinated that?  who knows?!  i'm leaving the space up there where the picture would be if i could find it.  harrumph.

and leaving you with ones you've seen before, but they're all i've got.  i'll never get to take a new picture of dad, unless, of course, there are cameras in heaven!  i often wonder about that - not cameras specifically, but what things in heaven made their way to earth that we'll be surprised are there?  i have a whole long dissertation on that, but not going to type it all out now.  

ttfn - hug your peeps today!!!  : )  *HUGS*  


  1. Your father always had a smile for you, I see. He looks very happy!
    Yes, I've been neglecting your fish but hopefully I'm back for a bit now.
    Still love them and fed them for you.
    Cheese. Cheese came from heaven definitely.

  2. thank, Gabriel! glad to see you back! and he was (and i'm sure is even more so NOW LOL) a happy guy. my brother & i both get a lot of our good-nature from him. PTL for that, too!!