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Monday, 17 September 2012

dear best buy, you're the greatest!

praise the Lord!!!  : )  

so, i have a new phone!  hooray!!  and it's nice, so far.  i haven't played around w/ it much - gotta charge it first - but it's the next phone up from what i had.  

the  best buy warranty was worth the $20 i paid.  it's a 2 year warranty, and i just went in the store & they exchanged my phone right then & there.  they don't carry my old phone anymore - of course, because i always get the sale phones - so i got an upgrade, the warranty/protection plan, AND almost $4 credit!!!!!  *bounce*  plus, the super sweet mobile worker peeps set up my phone for me right there.  no coming home to deal w/ customer service (not that i mind - Virgin Mobile customer service also deserves props, because they are always helpful & knowledgeable as well) or setting up the phone or anything.  

WOOT!  is what i have to say to that!  : )  

so, today was a little wild.  i had an off-site meeting first thing in the morning, except i didn't realize i was actually supposed  to BE off-site!  normally, my boss & i call in from her office... but she wasn't there, and she wasn't answering her cell, and so i finally IM'd the meeting organizer & she said that yes, it would be good to be there physically.  d'oh!  so i was only 15 minutes late, but that was okay because the first 15 minutes is always getting settled & shooting the shoot anyway, right?  plus, my boss was at another meeting & so she didn't get there til even later, so it was all good!  : )  and it was a really good meeting.  

it made the morning go by super-fast, too, as i didn't get back to my office til 10:30!  which was cool, except that today was payroll cutoff, and my email box was full of ppl needing timecard help (because it's monday), and so i didn't even get to claims until after noon!  thankfully, i got them all in by 3:30.  it was just a very fast-paced, edge of your seat kinda day.  *laugh*  

and then there was the rain.  it was neat, cuz we saw the clouds coming closer & closer, and then about 2:50 it got really dark & the skies opened up & it was like being inside a car wash!  and it stopped just in time for us to leave at 4.  yay!  now it's raining off & on again, but not the car-wash-type rain, so that's cool.  i'm glad i got to see a little of that!  : )  

now i am going to let my new phone charge a bit & settle in to read Bad Moon Rising.  : )  

i hope your monday went well!!  i'm taking friday off, so only 3 days to go before that!  LOL  



  1. Oh I loathe getting a new phone, but then I end up falling in love with the damn thing...

  2. yeah, normally getting a new phone ranks up there w/ a root canal...w/o the pain killers! but honestly, when best buy turns up the charm & does all the hard work? piece o' cake! :D