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Thursday, 20 September 2012

you'll be in my heart

pandora's playing a quick mix right now, and it's full of lots of phil collins & wil smith currently.  *hearts*  i love the Tarzan soundtrack because it's almost ALL phil!  (btw, the other day leyton told me that he told his mom about phil.  then he said, "wouldn't it be cool if that phil were my dad phil?"  love it!  he also told her there's a song named after me.  cuz we heart it like a week before that on the radio & he remembered enough to tell his mom about it?!  cuuuteness!)  : )  

work went pretty well today, i have to say.  i spent most of the day working on error reports.  i'd hoped to finish them, but alas my email was also full of timecard issues, so those took precedence.  i did get maybe 1/2 way thru my reports, tho... of course, a new one will be printing off tomorrow... LOL  

after work i was feeling a big case of weekenditis, since i have tomorrow off.  i wanted to go out to dinner, but mom wasn't available & trish didn't text me back in time, so i ended up stopping at family video to get step up, safe, and surrogates.  my intent was to get all 3 step up movies, but they didn't have 2, and i didn't want to get 1 & 3, so i just got 1.  : D  the guy working was very helpful - especially since i somehow was no longer in their system?!  i had to re-register or whatever, but it worked out nicely as i got my movies for 1/2 price.  love it!  then i ended up at happy wok, but i didn't really want anything but crab ragoon & a diet pepsi, so i got that.  heh.  (YUM) then made a PB & fresh garden tomato sandwich when i got home.  i know it sounds gross, but i love PB & tomato sammiches!  (also, pb & cheese, pb & pickle, pb & bacon, ... and the more normal, pb & jam.  heh)

i watched and bopped along with step up & then turned on pandora & finished No Mercy.  i don't want to spoil it for anyone who happens to read my love of the dark-hunter books & wants to pick them up themselves, but i have to say that what Savitar does for the bears in the last two pages makes my heart sing a happy tune.  : )  next is Retribution, The Guardian, and Time Untime.  then i believe i will be reading Infinity, just so i can stay in the D-H world a little bit longer before moving on to a new world... heh.  : )  

what else?  i'd been hoping for a work crush sighting & chat, as the brief sighting i had yesterday only whetted my appetite, but alas it was not to be.  *pout*  however, silver lining, i DID get to see his handsome smile as we were both leaving, just didn't get to chat at all.  ah well, maybe next week!  

*nelly on pandora dance break*

ahh, that was fun.  and then she played one of my favorite yanni songs.  :D  then slaughter and now vertical horizon.  mmm!  well, i'm off start Retribution.  


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