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Friday, 14 September 2012

my phone es muerte

if muerte means dead.  i'm not actually 100% sure on that, and don't feel like googling.  i'm on hold w/ virgin mobile right now to see if i can switch my service to an old phone temporarily while i figure out how to fix mine.  it froze today, so i took out the battery, as per usual, to reset it.  well, now it won't turn back on!  :(  it's charging fine, so there's nothing wrong w/ the screen, battery, etc.  i believe it's the power button. 

okay, while i was writing that, my computer took a header, again, but it's back now.  also, while i was rebooting, i got my phone switched over, thank God, the new one is still under warranty, but have to figure out where to send it or whatever.  *sigh*  gonna check w/ BB tomorrow to see if they can fix it or if i have to send it to LG or VM.  

meanwhile, i have plans w/ erin, so i have gotta go!  LOL  will work on yesterday's post that didn't post when i get home.  : )  

i hope your friday is going well!  ttfn!

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