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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

my happy place

that would be the book store.  heh.  or anywhere i'm curled up w/ a book.  i think the ultimate happy place would be on a porch facing the ocean or a great lake (which is almost like the ocean) with a perfect breeze and a stack of books.  mmmm.  and an iced coffee drink.  (and, since i'm fantasizing, my work crush sitting next to me doing whatever it is he would enjoy doing while facing the ocean...*grin*)

i think i might have to do some serious looking into getting back to the ocean.  it has been WAY too long since i have been near it, and some days i feel it calling out to me.  

anyway, back to today's happy place.  LOL 

i had no plans to visit the book rack today.  i'm reading No Mercy, and i still have 3 Dark-Hunter books after it, and so i wasn't really looking for a new book yet.  (oh, not quite true, i do want to find the first book of the Argeneau series so i can read that one through, as well, but i think i'm going to do that series in november, so i do have time to get the remaining 4 books that i'm missing!)  but when i pulled out of the parking lot, i felt like the book rack was calling to me (i know i use that phrase a lot, and maybe some day i'll explain all my thoughts & feelings on listening to your inner voice, which some call premonitions or psychic ability, but that phraseology tends to make ppl think you're into the occult or something, and you all KNOW that's not me.  LOL  not like that anyway!), so i ended up turning left instead of right and took myself to the store.

so glad i did!  i found the first book of The Chronicles of Nick series (which is a YA series related to the Dark-Hunter series), a book about a genie (Genie Knows Best by Judi Fennell) and two witch books (A Taste of Magic and A Stroke of Magic by Tracy Madison)!  hooray!  i am always on the lookout for good paranormal romance/urban fantasy!  : )  (please refer back to my statement above about NOT being into the occult!)  

mmmm.  so glad i have friday off & no plans this weekend so i can just READ & READ & READ!  : )  (okay, so i just remembered that i'll probably hang out w/ leyton sometime on saturday & then my little cousin nathan's bday party is on sunday, so i actually do have some plans...LOL)

tonight i'm heading over to mom's to watch the premier of Survivor (blair from facts of life!  famous baseball player dude!  3 former competitors who had to leave the game for medical issues!) and then... and then... the FINALE OF BIG BROTHER 14!!!  :D  dan, danielle & ian are battling it out for who will reign supreme (haha, iron chef moment) and i'm rooting for ian, but would be happy w/ dan.  not that i'll be upset if danielle wins - she has won challenges & the like, but every time she's been in a power position, she's been dan's puppet.  so... *shrug*  call me silly, but i would rather see ian or dan win since they have made actual power plays that came from their own brilliant minds!  

: )   so, that's my story today!  i hope your wednesday went BRILLIANTLY and that you have a lovely night!  do share if you have fun or relaxing or whatever weekend plans coming up!  


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