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Friday, 14 September 2012

alternarock - friday edition

is that even a genre?  idk, but it's what i've been listening to on pandora & i love it!  the music definitely has been fitting my mood lately.

mood: stressed & frustrated, yet happy
(dichotomy of my life continues!)
song: seven nation army 
(i think that's what it's called.  i just call it the "goin' to wichita" song.  LOL)
life: busy
reading: Acheron
(i did start at the beginning, for the first time since the first time in 2008, and it was hard, but not as hard as i thought it would be...)

(and now it's friday, because my computer took a poo on me last night but it's back up, so praise the Lord for that!)

so, i'm happy it's friday!   
today was a good day at work, much better than the rest of the week has been as far as frustration levels, anyway.  which is odd, thinking about it, because i had some very difficult situations to deal w/ today, AND the whole phone issue... hmm.  idk, maybe the alternarock & metallica i had playing today helped.  or, possibly the lunch i had w/ my former wall-mate & friend at the hungry hobo!  or, possibly, knowing i was meeting erin for dinner.  

anyway.  : ) 

after work, i came home to switch my phones & then headed to erin's to pick her up.  i got to read a chapter of Acheron while i waited for her to be ready.  woot!!  we went to rudy's for chips & beans & i had a tostada & we had a nice time hanging out!  

tomorrow i'm picking up leyton around 11 & meeting juli & the kids for lunch (nowhere fancy!  i think we're just doing mcdonald's!) & then going to the PAVILION!  gotta remember to charge my camera tonight and then remember to BRING it tomorrow!  in which case, be prepared for a post full of fun pictures tomorrow night.  : )  

for now, much as i would love to write all about whatever it is i wanted to write about yesterday (i think there was some work-crush stuff, even!), Acheron is calling to me.  i just finished the 9000 or so years ago part, and started the 2008 part, which is my favorite, and ... i may be up til 3 reading... i don't have to get up til 10...i could probably push it to 10:30 if needed.  LOL  leyton lives just down the street!  : )  

what're your plans for this weekend?  i know my twinkie friends are going to be together, happy happy!  felix is on her wayyyy!  : )  

love you & ttfn!!

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