"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 8 September 2012

dreams of george clooney

good morning, bloggy friends!  

the other night, i had a disturbing dream about someone being beheaded.  i woke up & thought, "well, that wasn't fun, let's have some good dreams next!"  and i did - my next dreams that night were strange, but happy.  i don't remember much about them other than a really beautiful office.  then last night, i dreamed of george clooney.  now, this is odd because - while i find george clooney handsome & enjoy his acting, i've never been particularly "into" him.  ya know?  my dear husband, mark harmon, oh yeah, baby!  so idk why i was dreaming of walking arm in arm w/ mr. clooney.  but it was definitely a good dream!  *laugh*  (prior to his appearance, i dreamed i was jogging (uh, yeah, jogging, wth?) through a neighborhood w/ my sister-in-law (not the real, ex one) to get to wendy's for lunch.  i got waylaid by a prickly bush at some little old lady's house.  very, very strange all around!)  

yesterday i had a very nice work-crush sighting, smile, and even a little chat.  i'm truly flummoxed by this work crush thing, because he is SO NOT my usual type at all.  he's shorter than i normally am attracted to, and younger - so. much. younger!  but all i want to do is sit & listen to him tell stories and watch him smile for more than 2 minutes at a time.  lol  no clue, but his smile just makes me HAPPY.  : )  alas, i do not think that particular dream is anywhere close to ever happening.  

ah well.  i'll just continue to enjoy the unexpected two minute smiles when i can get them!  : )  

juli called the other day - i've been thinking of her & sarah & andrew & ruthie cuz i haven't seen them in awhile & i've been wanting to hang out!  so i was going to call her last weekend when leyton & i went to HQ, but didn't get around to it in time.  so i was very happy to hear from her yesterday!  we made arrangements to hang out & go to the pavilion next weekend.  yay!!!  : )  

this weekend my plan is to catch up on GH & Grimm & Rookie Blue & anything else i can watch, while reading The Dream-Hunter (it's my 9th Dark-Hunter book this month, hooray!!!) & probably the next two books.  : )  woot!!  

what've y'all been up to lately?  : ) 



  1. this post made me all kinds of giggly! ;)

    isn't it funny when you dream of a celeb? and it feels so real? i had a hot dream about Michael Phelps during the olympics. Like you and Clooney, i'm not particularly "into him" but my dream was SO REAL that after it, i was. HA! my husband teased me all the rest of the olympics. :)

    oh work crushes... how fun and exciting! it gives you something extra to look forward to when getting ready for work and how nervous you get when you wait to see them. I LOVE IT! and can't wait to hear more about said crush ;)

    i've missed you!!! as you know, i am awaiting the few days before i get to meet little felix! Can you believe it?!!? i am still getting used to saying "My daughter." EEK! please keep my little family in your prayers?

    you are always in my prayers of thanksgiving.


    1. *HUGS* it seems like just yesterday you announced your little felix was percolating inside you! i can't believe she's almost here & can't wait to see her & hear all about the joys of new motherhood!! : ) *HUGS* love you bunches!

      an d THANK YOU for the beautiful clooney picture! i love having him greet me every time i look at my phone. heh. who knew?!

  2. what have i been up to lately, i'll tell ya!

    Catching up with blogging! Oh my goodness its been like a year! too long! :)

    I am so happy to see you are still posting thought.

    You work crush sounds cute! I love a good smile :) smiles say a lot about a persons character, i feel. so he's probably great :)

    also, im not a george clooney person either, although i lots of people are.

    anyway, miss you much! Huggles!

    1. *HUGS* so glad to have you back among the blogging, my coreykins! : ) i've loved keeping up w/ your theatre fun on fb, as well! woot!

      mmm... i wish i could get a picture of my work crush so you all could enjoy his gorgeous smile w/ me! maybe some day when he figures out i'm the love of his life... LOL a girl can dream!!

  3. Well, I'm residing in Belgium and Mrs Awesome (my wife) and Speculoos (my little girl) are still in South Africa. Trying to blend in with the locals and get a job. I have the paperwork to say I'm local but I sure as ... don't feel it.

    1. so glad you are safely in belgium, and hoping that the mrs & little will be able to join you soon. paperwork is good to have, but being a local takes time. you will get there, tho! soon you will be directing the newcomers to all your favorite spots! : )