"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 27 September 2012

friends from far away lands

and also some from not so far away... LOL  

work today was very nice.  i spent almost the whole day working on a timecard project, and will likely spend most of tomorrow on the same.  i got to talk w/ some really interesting ppl while i helped them clean up delinquent timecards.  : )  pandora played lots of great songs by metallica, skillet, disturbed, linkin park, etc.  yes, hard rock is also my happy place.  ; )  don't pretend like you're shocked.  you know it's hard metal, hair bands, alternarock, yanni, phil collins, disney tunes... they all make me happy!  

had lunch at adolph's w/ my friend casie.  chips & saaalsa!  yummies!  

my friend diana from mexico was in town for a communications conference & so after work i went over to her hotel to hang out for an hour or so before meeting nicki for dinner.  it was so neat to actually get to meet diana in person, and look at pictures & learn more about her life & stuff!  we met up w/ another person who was here for the conference, Guillermo, who is from brazil, and i took them across the river to drop them off down town to hang out on my way to dinner.  the stories they have..!  seriously, other than being embarrassed by the state of my car (messy, verrrryyy messy, had to clean it out so guillermo could sit in the back, agh!), it was just so neat!  very grateful for the time i got to spend w/ them!  : )  

and diana is so sweet, she brought me presents!  she gave me a handmade coffee mug w/ beautiful artwork on it.  love it!  and also a compact that is really pretty w/ flowers & such.  : )  just gorgeous, and it touched my heart that she got them for me.  and also i felt bad that i didn't have anything for her - i am usually the present queen!  i've been slacking in card & present mode a lot lately, tho, and i really need to get back on track w/ that.  : )  

dinner w/ nicki was also a blast!  we met at osaka buffet & had many different kinds of sushi.  mmmm!  it was so nice to get to hang out & talk about life & work crush & beagle boys & entertainment news... LOL  i had no idea about the rabid paparazzi who took inappropriate pictures of princess kate!  i need to get my mail & read my people magazine.  yeesh!  (and also, to that photographer - seriously?!  how RUDE can you be?  have some respect!  and, just for the record, i maintain that taking pictures like that of ANYONE is rude, not just because she's "royal."  ya know?  oye.)

anywhoo!  it was a blessed, blessed day, and i'm so thankful for each friend i got to spend time w/ today.  :D  now, i am off to try & finish my book before bed.  i finished Infinity last night & started on Night Pleasures again because i couldn't resist reading kyrian's story again, and then i might have to read val & tabitha's story again, and then i WILL read The Host which i borrowed from trish...!  and then i may or may not go back to the D-H world for a couple more re-reads before starting the other new books i got from the book rack... i also may or may not stop by the book rack tomorrow after work to see if i can find the other two Nick books that are out... ; )  

i hope your week has been going super!!  *HUGS*  to you & yours!


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