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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

a random jumble of jumbliness (mental health day)

ahhh, mental health days.  we all need them sometimes!  
do you ever take one?  middle of the week, or just whenever.  a time that is not a weekend or holiday, a time when everyone else is gone & you can just BE.  i know i can just BE anytime, but taking a completely sanctioned day for my mental health, being in that ZONE, it's precious & priceless to me.  

i tried to post a blog from my phone & i can comment but i can't write a post-post.  the little keyboard thingy doesn't come up?  idk what that's about.  so i cranked up (or, down?) the AC & it's nice & brrrrr in my house, so i am here to write a little post.  

interestingly, since i could stay up til whenever reading, i ended up going to bed at midnight.  
and then i was up at like 8:30.
WHAT the WHAT, ppl?!?!  

i've been going thru my book log because i wanted to see what was my first Dark-Hunter book & when did i read it?  (Night Play, in 2005 - and i just re-read it, not knowing that, a couple days ago!)  i've read about 1700 books since 1992.  : )  

yesterday after work i went to the book rack & BAM & even tho i wanted to buy ALL THE BOOKS I'M MISSING from sherri & lynsay & susan grant as well, i was good & i picked up one book from each author.  (well, okay, i picked up a 2nd sherri book at the book rack, but it was $1.88!  i could not resist!)  right now i'm on a serious dark-hunter kick (again).  i think i might re-read the whole series (well, the ones i have) in order.  the newest one, Time Untime, comes out on the 7th, i believe... : )  i'm reading Sins of the Night right now, and trying really, really hard to get into it.  it is not my favorite DH story, altho i am not entirely sure why.  i'm hoping that i'll like it more this time, now that know more about what's going on in the background...

for lunch, i am planning to go to Chick-Fil-A.  apparently, there is some "support CFA" movement going on today?  and i most definitely support CFA - i love their food, their service, their Christian values as a company (having NOTHING to do w/ being gay, being straight, wanting to be married, etc.  i am talking about the values of the company to treat EVERYONE with respect, to play uplifting music in their restaurant...and to serve delicious food - not necessarily a Christian value, but good business, nontheless!).  

on the one hand i'm hoping they're crowded, because i would like to see ppl supporting them, but on the other hand, well, who wants to wait in a long drive-thru line for lunch?!  ; )  

bret randomly left sometime early sunday morning for KC.  he said he has ppl covering his shifts at work & he will be back.  his friend in KC is helping him to get a new windshield for his car.  he left me a note this time, so that was good!  

having dinner w/ the aunts & cousin jenni tonight before she heads back to alaska.  
i wish i were going to alaska with her.  i'd love to go back for a week!  : )  
mental health week in alaska... oh, that gives me a tingly feeling in my stomach just thinking about it!!  i miss alaska... i miss the mountains in juneau.  i miss the smell ... *sigh*  

how've you all been?  
i do miss logging in every day, and writing, and i feel like i'm missing recording things.  
(one thing that i'll just briefly say - there is something totally illogical going on at work, and the principal of it really annoys me.  it doesn't affect my job/performance or love of either of those things, it just seriously annoys me anytime i think about it, which i now have to do every day.  the fact that i - and a friend of mine as well - have to change something merely because of someone's PERCEPTION, with no basis in legality or reality or LOGIC, it just boggles my mind.  
sorry if i've confused you, but i don't want to go into details (altho if you email me & ask, i'm sure i could give you a good story!) here, i just wanted to record it so i'll remember it later!  LOL)

got to hang out w/ mom & leyton the last couple weekends.  : )  

is big brother on tonight?  i missed sunday because i went over to erin's to hang out & watch some swimming & gymnastics.  : )  

oh, that's the other thing!  i've been missing the Olympics!  i LOVE the olympics, but nbc.com won't let me watch the videos or live unless i 'register' using my cable provider.  um, hello, nbc?  i don't HAVE a cable provider.  so boo on you!  i did get to watch a bit at erins, and then a bit at mom's as well.  but it's not the same!  i miss my men's gymnastics & diving & swimming (go lochte!!  go phelps!!!  *heart*) & women's gymnastics & ... erm... okay, i think those are the things i like to watch.  i like the IDEA of rowing, but i don't particularly like watching it on tv.  it's fun to watch live, tho.  i wonder if there'll be another regatta that i can take leyton to this year?  he still talks about the last one!  : ) 

okay, i think it's time for me to head to CFA.  : )  

remember - Jesus loves YOU.  gay you, straight you, transvestite you, He loves YOU!!!!
the only question is do you love Him back, and what does that means to you?
(i know it's technically two questions...)
if the answer to the first is yes, then no one else should be judging you on the second.


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