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Saturday, 25 August 2012


this was a good week.  : ) 
thursday i had some meetings, which means i didn't get a lot of work-work done, so i had a lot of catching up to do on friday!  heh.  but the meetings were awesome, so i didn't mind.  in one, i got to see quite a bit of my work-crush, whose smile makes me want to do silly things like ask him out.  lol 
the meeting didn't start off so well, tho.  i had an unexpected panic attack, complete with shaking!  oh, the fun!  *laugh*  it came up on me completely w/o warning, too.  i was in the middle of talking w/ a co-worker when suddenly, shaft of anxiety the likes of which i hadn't experienced (at work) in quite awhile.  we were mid-talk, and i at least had the presence of mind to apologize before i ran for the door.  agh!  
interestingly, and as is apparently normal for the strange dichotomy that is my life, i was very vocal during the meeting once i returned.  
and i received numerous compliments during the meeting, about my bubbly, and at times silly, personality.  
also, lots of work-crush smiles.
mmm.  yes, even w/ the panic attack, i call that a good day.  : ) 

today i got to spend some time w/ mom & leyton.  
we made cupcakes!
(well, really - LEYTON made cupcakes.  *grin*  and they were good!)  

 counting eggs - we need 3

 oops, we need 4...  LOL 

 no, don't worry about it.  gramma will clean it up!  

 time out for some movie-making!

 hiding from the loudness that is the mixer... LOL 


now, we just have to wait til they're baked!

 mmm!  these are good!  : ) 

 step 1 - frost

 step 2 - sprinkle

 step 3 - more sprinkles!

this one got ALL the sprinkles... LOL 

then i came home & mom & leyton picked me up to go visit anthony in the hospital.  :(  he spiked a fever & had numbness & shakiness earlier in the week, so jen took him to the ER, where they declared he had the flu & sent him home (assumedly w/ meds?).  a couple days later, his fever spiked again & back to the ER he went & they admitted him w/ MRSA (MERSA?) & said he possibly had spinal meningitis!  eep!!!
as of today, he's feeling better, but they haven't told jen exactly what the tests showed, so he has to stay overnight again.  hopefully they'll have answers & he can go home tomorrow!  
he was in good spirits, tho, just really tired.  we brought him some balloons, and on the way to the hospital, leyton was hunting zombies - and then turned his sights on the balloons which attacked him...!  

after the hospital, we went to subway for dinner - did you know they now have avocado spread?  YUMMY!  leyton got a pepperoni & ham sandwich, and it was hilarious, because mom was like - "are you sure you want pepperoni?"  he ate the whole sandwich & enjoyed it!  she should know by now he knows what he likes!  lol  he's pretty much been ordering his own food since he was 2.  : )  

now, a little internet research & then back to my book.  : )  
i found a new series, Immortals, at the book rack.  got books 4 & 5, read 4 (The Gathering) yesterday & am now reading The Redeeming.  i sorta wish i would have found the other books before i read The Gathering, because i don't think i'll look for the other books now.  the series is written by different authors, and that sort of thing just doesn't work out for me a lot.  so... we'll see.  i realllllly like jennifer ashley's writing style (she wrote both 4 & 5), tho!  : )  

i hope you're having a grand weekend - what've you been up to??  i've read some in your blogs, but still!  

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