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Friday, 17 August 2012


that's right, thank God it's the weekend!  i need this time to recharge.  i just had to write a WTH blog post because of some things that went on today.  i seriously need this time to relax & read & watch my shows & maybe hang out w/ leyton tomorrow, altho i haven't heard anything about plans, so maybe not.  

am reading The Dream-Hunter & wondering, truly, how i could have missed this book, Night Pleasures, and Night Embrace.  i still don't have the last two & will have to find them.  i need to triple-check my book log, but the first two times i didn't see any of these books in there.  yet i have scenes going thru my head that belies that thought.  of course, sherry's books & characters are so interwoven, so expertly written that occasionally certain scenes are in multiple books.  like, in jess & abby's story - it contained part of ren's story, and then in ren's story that tidbit had to be retold just in case you hadn't read jess & abby's story.  ya know?  and bits & pieces of ash's story are throughout all the books.  and in the recent books, bits & pieces of nick are scattered throughout.  sherry, i know nick has his own series of YA books, but PLEASE tell me he's going to get his own novel?  please?!?!  : )  

i'm seriously considering reading the last half of Acheron AGAIN AGAIN after i finish this book, because it is really amazing to me.  reading it again after seeing 15 year old tory in this book... i just ... oh goodness.  : ) 

*ahem*  anyway, april sent me a note that she will be around to chat tonight & i haven't chatted w/ her in too long!!!  so i'm off to log into gmail & see about chatting when she returns from her field trip to target.  : )  


trish - thank you so much for your help today!!  you really kept me grounded after lunch when all i wanted to do was rip someone to shreds in a completely non-carrie-like manner!  :D  

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