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Saturday, 11 August 2012

a pocketful of stardust

howdy!  so, i'm not going to apologize AGAIN for being so long w/o writing, because apparently this is just the new pattern that we all have to learn to live with.  *laugh*  myself included.  i have been crawling inside my books, reveling in them... just enjoying the stories over & over again.  i'm a little obsessed w/ the dark-hunter and argeneau worlds right now, as i know i've mentioned before.  : )  (sidebar: i did enjoy Sins of the Night much better this time around, and feel i'll enjoy re-reading it again when the time comes to go through the whole series ...again... lol)

i mean, i've been out DOING other things, don't get me wrong!  work has been going well.  i even got to take the afternoon off yesterday because it had actually slowed down.  first time in YEARS!  (not the first time i've taken time off, obviously, that would be silly.  the first time in years, however, that i've taken time off and am NOT anticipating absolute bedlam when i return on monday!  hooray!)  i also have decided that i'm taking my entire birthday week off.  (yes, it's in november, but gotta plan ahead, ya know!)  it's the monday of thanksgiving week, and so i can take 3 days of vacation and have NINE WHOLE DAYS OFF!  i'm already stoked.  i do have other vacation planned before that, as well, but nine whole days off?  it's a luxury i usually only get to experience the week btwn christmas & new year's!  : )  

yesterday i had planned to just curl up at home w/ my book (Vampire Valentine, which i finished yesterday, then started A Bite To Remember, which i finished today, and now will be reading Bite Me if You Can - all argeneau re-reads *grin*).  but when i texted mom to let her know i was getting off at 12:30, she said, "wanna go to lunch at olive garden?"  uh, YES, i would love to go to lunch at olive garden!!!  : )  (i would love to go to lunch at olive garden again, right now, but instead am eating a can of condensed clam chowder.  ugh, i can't wait til grocery day on wednesday!)  so, she picked me up at my house a little after 1 & we had the soup, salad & breadsticks lunch, and then an apple dessert.  SO DELISH!!!  then, mom decided she wanted to see a movie, so we checked the times on my phone & saw that the new bourne movie opened that day & was playing at 3:45.  

i love the bourne movies, but had forgotten just how... erm... complicated and confusing they can be!  this point was driven home while watching the newest installment.  jeremy renner is hot, and a great actor, and does the role of aaron cross proud.  the first half of the movie is kinda slow and feels like you're missing something, but then the middle sucks you in & is REALLY enjoyable!  and then, they lose all that potential in the last half an hour of the movie.  it felt, to me, like they literally stopped writing the script, threw five different scenarios into a hat, pulled one out & filmed it.  then they could have pulled us back in w/ the last five minutes, i liked the last five minutes.  but that 1/2 an hour at the end, it was just so awful, such a cop-out... ugh.  

hopefully total recall is better when i see that.  lol 

anyway, after the disappointing movie, we went to sam's & mom picked up some things & she kindly got a couple things for me, as well.  i should have gotten some cereal, but alas i did not.  ah well.  wednesday.  !!!

it was a really nice day spent w/ mom, and i'm so happy that we both were free to enjoy it!!  : )  

today i'm reading, duh, and then leyton's spending the night at phil/mom's, so i'll probably head over there for dinner & hang out for awhile.  : )  

last weekend i hung out w/ trish for a bit & she bought me lunch at a really yummy chinese restaurant by her house.  i definitely need to go back there!  yummy crab ragoon!!  :D  we hung out (i think?) monday night, as well, watching Mirror, Mirror (so cute!!  that movie does not disappoint!) & having lemon pepper fish for dinner (i need to get some of that lemon pepper stuff, it's good!) & chatting away for awhile.  wednesday & thursday i was at mom's for big brother (oh, my, heck!  loved the blindside, altho mike boogie is such a little troll, i just adore his trollness!).  i got to see anthony & leyton thursday cuz they & jen were hanging out at mom's before volleyball since their power went out.  anthony's voice has really gotten deep!!  well, i suppose he is 14 now.  my oldest nephew is growing the heck up!  *sniffle*  leyton was very snuggly that day, which was rather nice.  and anthony was really sweet, coming up off the couch when i got there & sitting on the floor to play w/ me & leyton.  i really liked that!  : ) 

so, lots going on.  heh.  now i'm going to see about getting the hulu going & watching some rookie blue & whatnot.  

what've  you guys been up to?  i'm trying to catch up w/ as many blogs as i can thru my phone & when i'm logged in here.  : )  


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