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Sunday, 26 August 2012


a guy from my pest control company had to stop by today to remind me to pay last month's bill.
i thought i'd left a check w/ bret, since i knew they were coming.
obviously not!

i feel guilty not so much for forgetting the check - the unfortunate reality of my life is i often forget to make payments until i'm reminded.  i used to have a schedule & stuck to it pretty well, but when things spiraled out that stopped, and now that things are "better" i haven't gotten back into the groove of a lot of things.

anyway, i feel guilty for making the poor guy stand out in the rain - it wasn't raining hard yet, but enough that he was being rained on.  me, polite carrie, who always worries about everyone else's comfort & happiness!  i was so surprised and confused that i didn't even have him step inside out of the rain for a minute.  all i could think was, "what?  i paid this?  i left a check...i don't have any money to pay them right now.  i barely have $10 in my billfold and certainly nothing in my checking account at this moment, and ..."  split second thoughts that felt like they lasted forever, and then i don't even know what i said other than it'd have to wait til thursday.  

i was so FLUSTERED.


also - he thought bret was my husband/boyfriend/fiance?  
i did have the presence of mind to correct that by saying, "or my cousin..."  : ) 
of course, then i thought, "Oh, crap, did i smile as i said that?  did i sound snotty or friendly?  the poor guy was standing in the rain and i might have been snotty!"  


anyway, i stood in the rain for a minute in penance.  i still felt bad, so i wrote a note on their FB wall. then i wrote a note & put it in w/ the check, which i will mail on tuesday so they get it by thursday.


anyway.  i just thought i'd share more neuroses, cuz who doesn't love those?!


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  1. That's one thing I love so much about you, your polite and thoughtful heart. That's really beautiful about you! I can't tell you how many times I've been late on payments. The ones that really hurt are the credit card ones and all the fees they hit me with :( Nothing ruins my day more than that! I'm glad the company was understanding. Sometimes they really will surprise you. I've had to make a couple of phone calls and have had some success. I always wish I could hug the phone operator on the other line because I am so grateful! Let me know if you need anything sweet girl. I love you! xoxo