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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

merry go round

sometimes that's what life feels like.  spinny and fun yet making you slightly dizzy and possibly sick.  

it was a good weekend, tho.  had fun w/ leyton on saturday.  : )  hung out w/ mom on sunday, watching big brother.  i've been reading the bbdish blog more religiously than any other season except for possibly jeff & jordan's... i love peering inside the houseguest's minds & being privy to the things cbs doesn't share!  and this year there have been some REALLY good moves made in the game.  it's all been rather exciting!  : )  

saturday, i did end up reading Acheron again after finishing The Dream-Hunter.  bliss!  then i went over to mom's & played w/ leyton & gave him a bath got to snuggle a little.  : )   snuggles are the best!!  also, saturday or sunday, i don't remember which, i caught up on Rookie Blue (heartbreaking lately, but SO GOOD!) & tonight i might try to watch Grimm but might save that for tomorrow.  my computer is doing it's race thing & i think it'll probably shut off part way into the show & i don't really want to deal... LOL  

i wanted to read Love Bites over before diving into my newest Argeneau, and i couldn't read LB w/o then reading Tall, Dark & Hungry over again, so i did that... then started on The Lady is a Vamp & finished that one tonight.  that one was INTENSE!  not in the same way Acheron is intense, but emotional all the same!  now i'm going to read Winter Born & then probably Blood of the Wicked, which is a book my friend andrea sent over via interoffice mail today.  :)  it looks like it might be another new series to sink my teeth into... happy happy!  

work has been alright this week, altho some timecard issues that keep cropping up have been causing some stress company-wide.  *sigh*  more than the actual issues themselves, which really aren't big at all, the big issue is COMMUNICATION.  i mean, when you know there's a problem and you're working on it, a courteous thing to do would be send out a communication to the company & let ppl know.  but getting the tech group to do that was like pulling teeth - and they never did end up doing it!  which then leaves my group looking like the bad guys, because we are communicating, but not until ppl realize there's a problem because we don't have the knowledge or distribution lists to explain properly to all the right ppl... *sigh*  it's just a ball of annoyance.  *laugh*  and on top of that, i discovered something i thought i had the ability to do i really don't, and in doing it i messed up one of my timecards.  d'oh!  i felt bad for causing more work for a couple of ppl to fix it!  :|  i'm the timecard guru for pete's sakes!  oye.  

what else?  oh, i did get to see & say hi to my crush today.  : )  he gives me butterflies, but i know it's just me, so i'm not all moony eyed or expectant or anything.  *laugh*  i just enjoy the sightings when i get them & even more when they include his handsome smile.  : )  

oh, yesterday after work i finally got to target to get my delicious Talenti gelato.  have you guys tried this?  YUM!  i got mint chip again because it was tasty last time, and then rasperry chip as well.  it's good!  : )  

plans for the rest of the week, aside from reading & more reading... tomorrow & thursday it's off to mom's for more BB.  so far friday & the weekend aren't scheduled.  leyton & i are supposed to go to omaha over labor day weekend, but am now thinking that's not going to happen.  :(  i just can't make the numbers work right now, so i'll likely just have him stay the night & go to the pavilion or something.  maybe drive up to the museaquarium in dubuque.  we'll see!!  

anyway, for now, i leave you with a wish for a good night and a GREAT tomorrow!  : )  


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