"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

losing myself, finding myself

hi party peeps!  did you miss me?  likely this will be my pattern for the time being.  i'm finding it just too dang hot to be messing w/ the computer.  i wish i could blog from my phone... i may have to figure that one out.  anyone who does it, please please let me know the easiest way to do it so i can be connected!!  i'm on FB on my phone more often than on the actual computer.  i'm very grateful that bret got his touch phone which inspired me to give them a try!  : )  

so, i've been reading, A LOT.  found my johanna lindsey books, Warrior's Woman & Keeper of the Heart.  WW was one of, if not my first, otherworldly romances, i believe, and i read it in jr high.  it introduced me to my favorite swear word, used for mild disgust - farden.  i still use it today.  : )  my first johanna lindsey i found in  a box of books when i was babysitting for the cherryholmes.  i think i was 12?  maybe 13.  sue had a whole box of romances, and the cover of Silver Angel compelled me.  LOL  it was about a sheik and a harem and far off places and drew me in like nobody's business.  

ahhh.  now i'm back to sherry, because zarek & astrid were calling to me.  i love when characters call to me!  not just books, but movies - right now rigoletto is calling to me, but i can't find him, which is driving me a little bit insane when i think about it.  ANYWAY!  after zarek & astrid (Dance With The Devil, in case you want to check it out) i have a couple more dark-hunter books to read & then hopefully i'll be able to hit BAM or the book rack & find some more of lynsay's immortals.  : )  mmmm... anticipation!

this weekend i hung out at mom's quite a bit because bret worked thursday - sunday.  we watched BB (willie got booted out for being all violent & stuff, WOW!  these hanse or whatever their last name is brothers sure know how to give it a bad one!  yeesh!) & leyton was over all weekend, too, so we hung out.  : )  played marbles & such.  he came over here last night to hang out & we played catch & kickball & cars & watched phin & ferb & toy story 3.  it was fun, but so hot that i was cranky  & annoyed & trying so hard NOT to be.  i find the best course of action for those times is to be completely honest w/ everyone & let them KNOW that i'm tired/hot/cranky & that it's not at them at all, but that it's not really going to change at all, either, til i cool off/rest.  since the weather is not really cooperating as of yet w/ the cool off thing, and resting means burying myself in a book... and cranky is NOT my normal mood, so ... ya know?

anyway!  bret's at work tonight & i didn't go to mom's cuz i desperately needed some alone time!!!  i love ppl, really, truly love ppl (which is odd what w/ my panic attack situation, right?  sometimes i seriously think i am two ppl duking it out in one body.  we usually get along fairly well, but sometimes...) (sometimes i think i sound insane, like certifiably insane, but i don't feel insane & i'm not dangerous & i function pretty well in society, so ... i guess i'm just the good kinda crazy.)

ummm.... shoot.  my latest nephew was born, trish's granddaughter was born, i got to talk to sarah breifly before mom picked me up for lunch on sunday, got to text w/ april a little bit on thursday or sunday, can't remember which... 

that's all i can think of at the moment.  am gonna catch up w/ some of you guys & then see what new episodes i  can find on hulu... and get back to my book... : )  

hope you're staying cool, safe & well!!  love you!!!



  1. The fishies...love the fishies!
    I hate the heat and far prefer the cold. There's only so many clothes you can take off hence you can only get so cool but unlimited amounts you can pile on when its cold.
    I don't do well in the heat either.
    You sound really busy all the time!
    Take it easy and enjoy what you're doing when you're doing it.

  2. The fishies are grateful you come by to play with them! I am being neglectful of late.

    Your description about layering during hot/cold weather is the exact one i always use!!! Muuuch easier to put more clothes or blankets ON...and stay decent!!lol