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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

another post about books (but some other stuff, too)

there are some books, in the thousands that i've read, that not only transport me to the world inside, but back to the time & place i was when i first read them.  Dracula - jr high math class, and darin giving me grief about reading a book about vampires.  (little did any of us know that the classic would be my LEAST favorite vampire story, and that others would hold such a place in my heart!)  Heart of Thunder by Johanna Lindsey - driving through connecticut and pennsylvania on our east coast/canada family road trip in high school.  Chance Encounter - watching daddy at his bowling tournament in corpus christi, texas.  Love Bites (a harlequin, not lynsay's of the same title) - sitting on the beach in alabama for senior class trip.  and the re-read i finished today, sherry's Retribution.  as i read, every once in awhile i would flash back to our recent chicago trip where i first read the book, cuddled up w/ leyton on the couch in the hotel or telling him "just let me finish this chapter & then we'll play w/ the ball," as we drove home.  :)  (and him asking, "how many pages now?"  LOL)  

i love these memories.  each of these stories holds an extra-special place in my heart (along w/ many, many more!) not only for the stories themselves, but for those memories.  

(oh, oh, oh!!!  btw!  leyton started kindergarten today!!!!  : )   and anthony's in HIGH SCHOOL!  they grow up so fast!  *sniffle*  leyton was so excited about school... i can't wait to hear all about it!)  

i finished retribution tonight, and soon will begin the latest dark-hunter story, Time Untime.  : )  

after work - after a month or more of anticipation! - i went to the book rack & found (finally!) The Dream-Hunter, which is one of the dark-hunter world books that i've been feening for, for what seems like ages!  *laugh*  i can't believe i haven't read it before, but my book log says i haven't?  i may have to go back through it just to be sure... ANYWAY!  while searching out that one, i also found another series about Immortals, so i picked up a couple of those.  apparently, that box of books i brought in netted me about $80 in credit (whoa!) because i paid $5 for $11 worth of books & i now have $64 in credit remaining.  i know i've been in there a few times since bringing the box in, too, so... yay me!  *laugh*  

after my book rack adventure (there is a worker in the IL store that reminds me of me, she has a keen sense of humor and seeming zest for life.  i think we would be friends if we knew each other elsewhere.  *laugh*  if that makes sense?!), i got a $2 iced skinny vanilla latte from the bucks & headed over to IA.  had to get gas, then it was on to BAM, where i found Time Untime and of course The Lady is a Vamp (lynsay's latest).  hooray!  my joy!  my joy!  (nerd nerd nerd!)  

i came home after that w/ the intention of hunkering down & finishing Retribution & starting Time Untime & ordering chinese for dinner.  about five minutes after i called in my dinner order, trish asked if i wanted to join her for mexican.  ooohhhh!  really, hanging out was the more important factor there, but who am i to say no to chips & salsa & cheese dip?  you know me, that's right!!  LOL  so i saved the chinese for another night & met trish at los agaves.  yummy food & great company.  yay!!  : )  we sat outside chatting for awhile after, too, and i was almost convinced to hang out at her house & watch The Expendables, but the pull of my book was too strong, so i headed home.  heh!  

yesterday i got to chat w/ sarah for a bit & we discussed our plans for the end of the month trip to omahaha to see joyums & meet the new baby andrew.  : )  i asked phil yesterday & texted jen today to see if leyton could come w/ me.  she was supposed to give me an answer tonight, but as of yet has not, so i hope he will be able to come!  he'd love the zoo & the train museum we're planning to tour.  : )  

ummm... have been really disconcerted by all the political claptrap.  i don't see a lot of the ads - except when i'm at mom's for big brother! - but i see a lot of back & forth of fb.  of course, this is fairly normal, as i have friends on every side of the fence.  i have staunchly republican friends who take every opportunity to bash president obama & his policies & whatnot.  i have staunchly democratic friends who attack mitt romney & his chosen VP.  what i notice most about these two sides is how utterly ... disrespectful they can be to the opposing side.  when the posts are about voting history or policies supported, i'm okay.  i think each side is skewed and everyone flip flops on issues to further their own agenda, but it's a fairly even race on both sides, no matter who the candidates are or for what office they're running.  what really bothers me, tho, are attacks on the candidate as a person, on their family, etc., or comparing them to cartoon characters or the like simply out of meanness.  i've seen political cartoons that are funny, those that lambast candidates for decisions or quote slip-ups in a humorous way.  those are generally somewhat tasteful and again poke fun equally at all candidates.  i just don't get being HATEFUL to a group or person you disagree with.  it makes no sense to me.  hate speech isn't okay, ever.  in my opinion.  

and then we have ron paul supporters.  for the most part, the things i have seen posted about ron paul are ABOUT ron paul.  they are comparisons for what he stands for, quotes from him, news of that sort, and NOT attacking either the president or mitt romney.  these ads seem a lot less skewed to me, and the ppl posting them seem to be using logic rather than attack.  i like that.  i am totally NOT politically minded (unless i can be president.  i'm old enough, but don't have the funds apparently necessary to run.  and that's another thing that gets me - imo, it should NOT take millions of dollars to campaign for service to our country.  that's just so dumb to me!).  i don't know all the ins & outs of all the candidates because - as i said - i feel everyone has an angle & no one seems to tell the whole truth and it's just frustrating wading through everything only to find that nothing ever really changes for the better no matter which PARTY is in office.  

i feel like w/ ron paul, tho, if everyone who says they are going to write him in if he's not on the ballot ACTUALLY follows thru, he would have a shot at winning the election.  and since he is not a part of either "regular" party, i feel like he would have a chance to do something different.  to work WITH congress, since neither side would see him as an enemy, maybe both sides could see him as an ally & they could actually get something GOOD done?  maybe??  

*sigh*  idk.  that's just where my head has been at w/ all this political mayhem.

ah, mayhem.  that was a good marketing move by allstate.  : )  

so, what's on your mind this week??  


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