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Thursday, 4 October 2012

today i...

got to work early.

then proceeded to spill a big glob of vanilla yogurt right in the middle of one of my favorite shirts.
there was no way to hide it.
i tried to wash it off, and of course it only got bigger.

thankfully, i had brought my jean/flannel shirt with me as a jacket, so i went to the loo to change.

guess who was coming in while i was headed there?




i managed to say hello & how are you & answer him back w/o too much hassle, but then i couldn't resist explaining the spot & fact that i was carrying an extra shirt w/ me... *laugh*

God is good, tho, all the time.
that spilled yogurt & ensuing craziness gave me an opportunity to IM said work-crush an apology for being spazzy in the hall.  : )  and then we got to chat about coffee for a little bit.

i wish... 

oh, anyway, while none of that helped me in any way, shape or form get over mr crushtastic, it did truly make my day full of smiles!  

and also, too much coffee.  *laugh*  

it was also a very busy day, payroll cutoff & a TON of claims.  thankfully, my email & phone were fairly quiet, but had just enough action going on that - combined w/ the celebratory lunch of pasta from a local italian restaurant for customer service week - i ended up working 45 minutes late.  i emailed my boss to see if she wants me to put the OT on or just leave 45 minutes early tomorrow.  i'm good with either option!  

lunch was DELISH!  i ate at my desk & didn't take my normal reading break for lunch, which is a testament to how busy i was, because A Stroke of Magic is really enjoyable!!  : )  

what else?  hmmm.  

went to mom's after work (btw, i forgot my yogurted shirt in my drawer.  ugh, i really hope it doesn't stain!!) & watched Elementary from last week, which she'd DVR'd for me.  love it!!  

she also kindly bought me a tank of gas & some groceries.  thankful for her kindness!!

i think that's all i wanted to share about today.
it's nice that i was wanting some good food & a work-crush sighting, and i got a lovely conversation to boot!  of course, that just makes me want more... *sigh*

but, that's a well-told story!  ; )  

now i'm off to read!  


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