"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 15 October 2012

i voted!

today i also got to see mr crushtastic, and IM w/ him a bit.  :D  
this whole chain of events caused me some confusion, however.
you see, i know i've become a little... taken over with my crush.  *laugh*  and while this brings me hours of enjoyment, it also makes me think that perhaps i shouldn't enjoy it QUITE so much when he doesn't feel the same way.  i mean, when i gush over mark harmon, no harm no foul, because he's a celebrity who expects ppl to gush about his handsomeness. 

mr crushtastic is not a celebrity & is quite shy & i don't know that he would be quite as flattered by my crush... and so sometimes i try really hard to not think about him and not wish and pray for things that aren't likely to come to pass.

and then i pray for something specifically, and have a thought in my head or a scenario, and it PLAYS OUT JUST LIKE I PRAYED/THOUGHT!  and then i'm back to wondering if maybe he could like me and maybe we could hang out.  

today was just such a day.  

so now i'm back to being confused.  was God answering my prayer as a sign that i'm actually on the right path, or was He answering my prayer for a different purpose?

and the thing is, that i want to be his friend.  i want to get to know more about him.  i want to hang out w/ him!  but because i also like him, and would like to be more than friends (how many times can i use the word like in an explanation?  LOL), i'm afraid of doing anything overtly "let's be friends"-like because of that.  

and how can i possibly sound more like i'm in HS?  agh!  

i'm trying not to overthink it (oh my heck, i hate overthinking things!) and just enjoy it, tho.  cuz i really DO enjoy him.  

: ) 

SO!  anyway.  after work, i went to the store & got some groceries & dinner - well, pinwheels & sweet potato tots, except i fixed a pizza instead, but i didn't really like it.  california pizza kitchen hawaiian.  not my favorite.  i prefer their margarita pizza... i also stopped by the bank & called my car peeps to get chloe in for an oil change & listened to lots of disturbed & silverchair.  and some other... one of my favorite songs right now is Chalk Outline by someone or other.  *laugh*  ahhh... 

when i got home, while i waited for the pizza to bake, i pulled out my absentee ballot & marked all the little spots for the ppl i want to be in office after this next election & sealed that puppy up!  now i just need to mail it.  i also need to stop at the PO to get stamps... i guess i will try to get in early tomorrow again & do it after work!  

so, this weekend was nice.  friday after work i went to the book rack & found 3 of the new vampire/shapeshifter series i'm liking (Love At Stake series, isn't that a cute name?!), and one of the Argeneau series i needed (now i only need 3 of the backlist, i think!), and another book, a Lords of Avalon series, by kinley mcgregor (which is a pen name for sherri!).  i've never read any of them, so we'll see if i like them as well as the dark-hunter series... : )  

saturday we were supposed to have a bonfire at aunt nancy & uncle gene's, but it rained ALL DAY.  so i stayed indoors mostly, but then went over to mom's to hang out w/ her & leyton for awhile saturday night.  we played some Sorry!  : )  i won.  LOL  

sunday it rained ALL DAY again, but i didn't have any outdoor plans, so i just enjoyed the reading time.  *laugh*  i enjoyed it saturday, as well, but it was mixed w/ the disappointment of not going to nancy's.  i'm reading some Argeneaus right now - wanted to read Bite Me If You Can again, and then found A Quick Bite at the book rack (i hadn't read it before, amazing, i know!) & BMIYC had made me want to read the Rogue Hunter books again, so i read The Rogue Hunter & now am reading The Immortal Hunter & then The Renegade Hunter will be next.  and THEN i'll start in on the love at stake books.  : )  (aren't you glad you asked?  oh, wait, you didn't ask?  well... erm... sorry!)  

but sunday night i did go over to trish's for chili & Once Upon A Time & Revenge.  EXCELLENT shows & the chili was really tasty!  and for dessert, al brought us home chocolate shakes.  the remainder of mine is in the freezer for later.  woot!  : )  

i have some CUTE leyton pictures from saturday night, but can't find my sd card exchanger thingy - it slipped out of its bag & is somewhere in my purse ... which i'll clean out soon-ish...maybe... LOL  but, so i wanted some snuggle time w/ leyton, so he hopped on my lap & then he wanted me to tickle him, so i did, and then he tickled me, and THEN he figured out that my feet are super ticklish & tortured me until bath time!  LOL  i don't mind being tickled, but the only thing i was worried about was accidentally kicking him in the head or something from it, ya know??  

oye.  lil stinker!  *laugh*  love him!!  : ) 

ummm...what else has been going on?  
tomorrow i am having lunch w/ my boss's boss's boss & another co-worker, as part of a networking thing our activities committee put together.  i think we're getting jimmy john's.  should be good!  and interesting - both guys are heavily into sports, and while i enjoy sports sporadically, i am not in any way shape or form INTO them - like, i couldn't tell you who's on what team or anything (other than CJ, thanks to marianne!  LOL).  so maybe i'll learn something... i do have a couple work-related questions i want to ask both men, as well, so ... we'll see!  : )  

i think that's all for now.  the neighbors are playing their R&B/jazz/rap quite loud & the bass is rather soothing... and my book is calling for me to get lost in it again!  

i hope your week has started out well!  


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