"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


i do so enjoy compliments!  i love to give them and receive them.  they're like presents that lift someone's spirits & don't cost you anything.  i find myself enjoying finding one thing to compliment someone on when i see them.  sometimes it's a tie, shoes, earrings... these are things that just POP out at me when passing ppl, ya know?  i especially love ties!  men can get so creative with them, so many different colors & patterns, and i adore when men go out on a limb with them.  an attractive blue shirt with a not-normal-hue-of-green tie says to me you want to stand out and  you have good taste.  : )  today i had the pleasure of complimenting 3 gentlemen on their ties.  it was a bountiful tie day!!  : )  

i was also complimented today, by two different ppl at the dealership when i took chloe in for her oil change.  they both not only remembered me, but complimented my cheerfulness.  : )  gave me a nice glow!  i pray every night that i can be a blessing to ppl, as they are to me, and sometimes a smile or compliment can be that blessing.  and, imo, a good witness for the Lord.  when His light shines through you, ppl notice.  

which, of course, is not to say that i'm always the bright light of the world.  *laugh*  you know i get down & depressed & sad & everything else that is the antithesis of cheer.  honestly, i struggle the most with depression from august thru october, making this a really hard month for cheer.  thankfully, today was a GOOD day, a BLESSED day, and even tho there were negatives (i didn't get to see mr crushtastic at all *sigh*;  i re-scheduled dinner w/ michelle to thursday since i wasn't sure how long the oil change would take; then mom invited me to a movie tonight but had to bail because one of her boys is sick.  :( ) there were more positives!  

lunch was amazingly fun!  the guys are both loads of fun, AND mr bossman treated us to the jimmy john's, so that was completely unexpected and sweet!  : )  we chatted about the chef auction & vacations & that dude who free fell 24 miles from space...and then heights & bungee jumping & skydiving.  *laugh*  and i didn't get nervous or anything, which was a big plus!  God is good, all the time, yes?  : )  

so, since there was no movie, i made a dinner of snacky things - pinwheels & triscuit thins w/ cream cheese & sweet jalepeño jam, a little hummus... mmmm.  i'm still craving popcorn, tho.  i am half tempted to run to the theatre & get some popcorn & bring it home, pop in a movie... maybe i'll do that after work tomorrow.  : )  probably not, but it's something to think about!  *laugh*  trish & i did that once & it was neat!!  

i think instead i will just curl myself up w/ my Renegade Hunter & read til bedtime.  mmmmm!  that sounds delicious!  

what're you up to tonight?  do share!  


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