"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 16 July 2012

untitled : )

i'm just staying cocooned in my books.  : )  

bret's car had a little mishap w/ a pothole, which must have been a rather large pothole, because his car is once again out of commission.  :(  poor bret!!  i know well the feeling of being trapped w/o your vehicle, and i really feel for him, since he'd just gotten it up & running again!  this also means i'm back to taking him to work, which doesn't bother me, but i just again feel bad for him!  

yesterday i met mom & leyton at incredible pizza for lunch.  lots of fun!!  they played lazer tag w/ a couple ppl & had a blast!  i watched from the observation room.  : )  after lunch, i came home for a couple hours, then took bret into BG for work.  then went & hung out at mom's til it was time to pick him up.  leyton was there for awhile, so we snuggled & played pass & play on words w/ friends & he played baseball w/ phil & sorry w/ gramma & they read a book about blue's clues.  i tried to get him to read w/ me, but he was being stubborn.  LOL  

after phil took leyton home, i read & thru the night finished lucian & leigh's story, Bite Me If You Can.  heh.  now i'm on to marguerite & julius (julius?  i've named every dog i've had julius...) in Vampire Interrupted.  idk where they come up w/ some of these titles, but i like most of them.  mom & i watched Big Brother (loving wil, or gay fabio as i like to call him...; loving the coaches twist!!) & then Next Food Network Star (am rooting for justin, even tho i want to see the other guy win, i think...but oh my heck, i LOVE alton, so i'd like team alton to win...hmmm) & then i don't remember cuz i was engrossed in my book!  : )  i picked bret up & came home & SLEPT really well!  

today was a pretty good day for a monday & hot as hades outside!  ugh.  heat.  i'm ready for the rain & the slightly cooler temps of 88.  lol  i got a lot done - FINALLY got thru most of my error reports.  whew!  just have to finish up whenever employees respond.  tomorrow will be claims, claims & more claims!  

bret borrowed chloe & went to WM to pick up a couple things & is picking me up a sammich from subway.  YUM!  i've been craving a subway sandwich for the past couple weeks, but then i don't want to go in & get it when the time comes to eat.  i'm a nutter sometimes.

anyway, i think i'm caught up.  did i write saturday night about making it to cedar falls & then having a panic attack when i saw all the ppl at/around the venue for the reception?  it was pretty bad.  i drove around CF for an hour trying to calm myself down & just go in the damn door, but it didn't work.  *sigh*  debilitating panic attacks are so not fun.  i called mom on the way home - it was a beautiful day/drive, btw - & she said i should have taken someone w/ me.  which, sure, but who?  she didn't want to go (i didn't ask, after the fit she threw about baylee's wedding...), and plus i thought i'd be fine.  i'd handled the panic attacks just fine for matt & melissa's wedding & reception... i made it to BOTH of those!!  


anyway, my book is calling & i think i'm all caught up here for now.  LOL  how're you doing?  what's going on in your life??  : )  



  1. You're a busy chicken aren't you!?
    All's well. I'm getting panic attacks (little ones) when I see how much work I have to do before I leave my employer for Belgium...and all the stuff on the personal front I'm still trying to sort out.

    1. getting busier every day! *laugh* all i want to do is bury myself in book after book...and so i do. : )

      i hope you're getting everything sorted out w/ the move & all! be safe!!! : )