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Saturday, 7 July 2012

feeling a little goth

maybe it's the vampires, but today i felt the need to paint my nails red & black.  : )  i don't think i have any true "gothic" tendencies, other than the vampires.  but i'm picky about my vampires.  i prefer the modern to the "dracula" genre.  

anyway.  i cleaned up some stuff in the library today, got a couple shelves organized - or, more organized than they were, altho once i figure out exactly where i want everything, they'll be reorganized again!  along the way, i found the beautiful dark maroony-red nail polish, and my dad's tiger-eye ring that i wore along w/ his class ring all thru HS.  idk where the class ring disappeared to, but it must be in there somewhere...i put the tiger-eye ring on & wore it all day & it brought tears and smiles and memories galore!  

i also rediscovered a whole box of books my friend laura had sent me once upon a time (mysteries galore, love it!!), so i'll add those into the rotation.  i've been re-reading a lot of favorites lately... i found part of my futuristic romance collection & read a story of a djinni & the human summoner he finds to love.  : )  next up is a space adventure of The Great Healer, who must fall in love w/ a particular man in order to fulfill the prophecy & unlock her healing powers.  except everyone has the identity of the particular man all wrong!  *laugh*  it's funny, sometimes when i re-read a book, i'll recognize a scene or a line & it takes me back to the first time i read it.  some books are just so intrinsically associated w/ that time or place... : )  there are a few books i read while in texas w/ daddy & phil that i think i'll pull out again to re-read sometime!  

and then there are the scenes from various stories that are stuck in my head, have become so much a part of me that occasionally, for seemingly no reason at all, they pop into my head & i relive them, so to speak.  then, of course, i have to pull them out for a read!  *laugh*  

anyway!!  it's no wonder no one reads this anymore, all i ever do is gush about books.  somehow, i've stopped caring.  the books make me happy... :D  

i was able to hang out w/ erin tonight - my tummy wasn't sure what it would do 1/2 of today, but it was feeling much better by 4 or so.  despite the over 100 degree temperatures outside - yuck!!!  i picked erin up around 6 & we went to rudy's for dinner.  tacos...mmmm!  had a nice catch up & all that, and made plans to hang out while the olympics are going on so we can get our gymnastics/swimming/whatever else is at the summer games fix.  : )  can you tell which two events i'm most interested in?  LOL  i'm hoping to be able to watch the opening ceremonies online... 

bret brought home a pizza from work & i tried a slice - pretty tasty!  

what else?  reading, reading, reading!  more reading tomorrow.  i wanted to watch Rigoletto, too, but cannot find my dvd.  :(  i can't even find my VHS tape of it, so idk where they could possibly have gotten off to!  i know i've watched the DVD here, because i remember playing the soundtrack that's on it... *sigh*  if i have to buy it again, i will, but i'd rather just find my copy!!  *laugh*  

for now, sleep beckons.  i might try to read one more chapter before it claims me... ; )  


i just love the old-school (tasteful) romance novel covers!
(some of them are not quite so clothed...LOL  which, call me chauvinistic, but i'm okay w/ it when it's the guy baring his chest.  ; )  )

Also, oh my heck!  when looking for this image, i discovered that - surprise! - kathleen nance has a series of djinn books, along w/ an Olympus series i must check out!  LOVE IT!

: ) 



  1. I too love to read! I'm not that keen on the romance books. My favourites are the James Herriot books, Terry Pratchett's Disk World novels are really good too!

    1. ooh, thanks for mentioning those. i googled terry's books & they look quite interesting! : )