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Friday, 13 July 2012

every coin has two sides

the coin of today was both happy & sad.
work went well.  got almost all of my error reports from the past couple weeks worked on.  i can't say finished, because there are so many steps w/ these reports that sometimes they take a few days of intense concentration to complete!  which is why they build up & i have several weeks at a time to work on, which only makes them take LONGER... LOL 

i had lunch at adolph's w/ my friend, kris.  it was a blast & we definitely need to hang out more often!!  : )  also, adolph's, hello, yummmm!  : )  

had to leave at 2 to get home for trish to pick me up for marcie's sister's visitation.  happy to see trish & marcie (and joy) but sad for the circumstance.  it was beautiful, tho, lots of photos of paula & a really well-put together video.  

after the service, trish & i went to WM for some groceries.  she needed stuff for camping & i needed...well, everything.  i didn't mean to pick up quite all that i did, tho.  you really should not shop when you're hungry... *sigh*  anyway, i saw my favorite WM employee from when i worked there, evelyn.  she is the sweetest lady & i gave her a great big hug!  : )  as we were shopping, i also got to see & hug my auntie jan!  yay!  

when i got home, i fixed a nice cheese & ham sandwich & had some pretzels & hummus.  watched some Walker, read some of Stolen Dreams (the sequel to Stardust Dreams, which i finished yesterday).  i watched the premier of White Collar & now i've got the latest Rookie Blue on.  think i'll put it on full screen & read some more before bed.  : )  

tomorrow i'm supposed to go to toni's reception, but i can't find my invitation w/ directions!  agh!!!  i sent her a note... hopefully she'll check her messages in time.  why did i wait til the last minute to find it?!  well, because i thought i knew where it was at, of course.  oye.

oh!  i finally did my taste of elegance post!  check it out!  : )  


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