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Friday, 2 November 2012

thank You, Lord for the weekend!

totally in need of some R&R.  
can't wait for my 9 days of VACATION!
wish i were going to the beach, or the largest bookstore which apparently is in toronto (thanks, april!)... 
but i'll just be staying here, maybe getting some stuff done around the house.




i will be getting some books read!  : )  
might rent some movies.
maybe see if the computer lets me watch some hulu.
but mostly i'm sure it will be books, books, and more books!

i'm currently on a mission to find the kathy love books.  might have to venture to the barnes & noble.. i tried BAM & they were sold out.  d'oh!  
i did pick up one at the book rack after work today, tho.  : )  also found another book that looked good, and a new tara tyler quinn.  

i needed the bookstore today.
it was rough.
not as rough as yesterday, thank goodness, but rough!
i hate frustrating.  

i mean, i'm used to frustrating in the mr crushtastic department.  *laugh*  


i got to chat w/ a friend at lunch & then april when i got home, which did wonders for my mood, so thank you to my friends!  

also, after the book rack, i went to WM cuz i had to pick up my rx & get some groceries.  i found ORANGE M&M's!  ppl!  these are great!  they taste like a chocolate orange, but i always feel bad getting a chocolate orange because i can only eat like 3 bites & then i feel like i'm wasting it.  but w/ these m&m's, i can have one or two, craving satisfied, and then they stay in the bag til the next craving!  woot!  : )  

oh, when i got home tonight, my door was open?  that was weird.  nothing out of place or stolen, thank God!  and no crazy ppl inside waiting to attack, so that can also be considered a plus.  it was just really weird.  

what else?  idk, my computer has already shut down twice & i'm kinda itchin to get to my book, so i think i'll do that while dinner's cooking.  chicken breast w/ some mushrooms & whatnot.  idk, it's from a box, but it looked good.  : )  

tomorrow i get to hang out w/ mom & leyton & maybe anthony!  yay!!
we are going to sam's.  
i love sam's on saturday - free samples!!  : )  

what're you doing this weekend?  


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