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Thursday, 1 November 2012

picture pages

as mentioned, i've been spending some time w/ mom & the boys.  VERY happy that anthony has joined us for a couple excursions.  i like hanging out w/ him.  he's a good young man.  : )  

one weekend, we went for haircuts, lunch at maid rite, popcorn charlie's for a treat, and halloween costume shopping for the boys.  i don't do halloween stores, so i stayed in the car & read (i was reading How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire by kerrelyn that day) while they went in & out of those stores.  we also made a trip to the mall for some bath & body works sales!  : )  

 one of my favorite pictures!  : ) 

 another favorite!  : ) 

this past weekend, i hung out w/ mom & leyton at home.  leyton & i had some snuggle time, which made me very, very happy!!  he wanted to post some old pictures on fb, and for one of the pictures, he typed out his own name in the caption.  i was so proud of him!  : )  

i love my boys!  : ) 


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