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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

harry potter puppet pal

This morning I decided to remember all my packages (to Micaela, Matthew, Jana & Lisa for Micaela’s swap – which should have gone out Monday, Sorry Lisa!!).  I didn’t actually have Jana’s packaged yet, and I didn’t have the note written to explain why Lisa’s getting what she’s getting… and actually as I wrote it I think I forgot to tell her about one of the things, but it’s just cuz I like the scent for winter, so no mystery really!  *laugh*  Anyway!  I thought I was going to be running a little late – I had to stop for a biscuit & diet pepsi as well, because I was feeling peckish – but I made it to work on time!  Yay! 
At lunch, I went to the loo before heading to the PO, and met Marty in there & she said I should go to Hy Vee to mail my packages because they were always so convenient for her.  So I thought, well yes, I can save some time!  But then the parking lot at HV was a BEAR and I got frustrated & just drove on to the PO instead anyway!  Had I just skipped that, I think I would have made it in time… As it was, the line at the PO moved pretty fast.  However, when it was my turn at the counter… I became one of THOSE ppl.  You know, the ppl who get up to the counter & then everything is wrong & they have to go to the side to do stuff before they can be helped?  Yep, that was me!!  So, they helped the rest of the line while I had to fill out customs forms (which wanted details about what’s inside??  Can’t they just x-ray it anyway?  Yeesh!  Nosey customs ppl!  LOL)… I know Canada is a different country, but I didn’t remember having to fill out these forms when sending stuff to our neighbors in the North previously!  Ah, the times, they are a changin’!  So, I got all that done, and then realized (or, rather, was told, when I saw the sticker w/ the price on my package) that I’d used the wrong box.  Now, I just grabbed a box as I was rushing out the door.  I didn’t think about what the box was… so, to those getting these packages, please don’t judge me by how much I paid to ship them to you… d’oh!!!  : )  it just means I really really wanted them to get to you!!  : ) 
I do love the ppl at my post office, tho!  They are always so nice & helpful & friendly!!!  Except the lady helping me seemed kinda annoyed w/ me at first, but then I won her over.  *laugh
I think I won her over.  She may have been cursing me as I walked out…
Moving on!  I picked up a cheeseburger & apple fries (mmm!) for lunch & made it back later than I’d wanted.  So, I took an hour of vacation on my timecard.  It’ll all work out!  Then, in the afternoon, I had to get some paperwork claims done & finish my PM.  The boss & I had a little meeting about something AWESOME that happens on our December 15th paycheck (PTL!!!!!), and in that discussion I also had a little prodding about getting my PM to him before I left for the day.  D’oh!  I’ve been busy!!! 

After work, I really couldn't figure out what I wanted for dinner.  I finally settled on ordering pizza.  : )  It was yummy, too!!  I watched Castle & GLEE - last night's episode was back to what I love about that show, and what IMO, made it a hit.  I just want to hug Kurt til it's all better.  And maybe Sue, too.  I love how they make her character SO EVIL - and then they show us, the audience, her humanity.  Love it!!  : )  

And now ... sleep.  Tomorrow is our day of Thanks.  Golden Corral at 2.  Can't wait!  *laugh*  

Before I sleep, tho - if you like Harry Potter, and you haven't seen these videos, please visit the website: http://www.potterpuppetpals.com/   My favorites are The Mysterious Ticking Noise and Bothering Snape.  *sings*  Snape.  Snape.  Severus Snape.  !!!  *grin*  Oh, also today, Postcrossings!!!  : )  TTFN!!!

 From Australia 
 From Taiwan
 From Belarus
 and finally, France!  The turtle sticker was on the back of the France card.  : )  I love how thoughtful ppl are in the turtle stuff they send!  Much appreciated!!!


  1. definitely a fan of potter puppet pals :)

  2. No worries about anything regarding the swap. Don't sweat it. I realized that I forgot to wrap it, I was so excited to send it to you and not used to packing stuff and sending it so I forgot. I think I also forgot to write in the card why I chose that ornament. I guess I felt it was beautiful and red is a christmasy colour so I felt it would look nice on your tree. Hope you like it. Love the postcard from Taiwan and the Simpsons one. They rock!!!!

  3. corey - wooooot! does the "snape. snape. severus snape." thing get stuck in your head, too??

    lisa - thank you! and red is an awesome christmasy colour!! i keep trying to find a red sweater for christmas, but so far the only one i have is scratchy... heh. : )